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Moving companies from Ashburn VA offer a wide range of services of various complexity. It is not only transportation, but also the services of packing, unpacking, the subsequent dismantling of furniture, handling and final installation of it and other things in a new place due to a previously agreed plan. They even provide the services of storage a if the customer needs to store his property for some time.

Ashburn movers va have a staff of loaders, which is especially important in case of a large-scale office moving. They also have special equipment to carry bulky cargo and disassembly-assembly of furniture. The staff of a professional moving company must be universal and, in addition to handling, they should be able to assemble furniture, connect household and office equipment, and offer other services.

Moving and storage in Ashburn VA

The usual standard package of “Virginia Movers” moving company’s services includes the assessment of the volume of work, the package of transported property with the provision of packaging materials, dismantling of furniture, labeling, loading and transportation of your belongings in special vehicles on an agreed with the customer route. Upon the arrival, the unloading of the goods is made with the further unpacking, placement of furniture and removing of packaging waste. As you can see, we are ready to provide you with all the services for a "turnkey" relocation. Also you can find moving companies in Northern Virginia.

The service of warehousing has become very popular among Ashburn movers and rather demandable among the clients. You can charge “Virginia Movers” to store all your belongings. We have all the necessary facilities to transport and store your things, we have the necessary loading equipment and packaging materials, and – most importantly – our employees have extensive experience in the field of secure storage of various goods, products, equipment and things. We know how to organize the process of competent transportation from the door of your apartment, villa, and office to the gates of our warehouses and back. We know how to pack your things thoroughly to ensure their safety. There are no trifles in such issues, as everything is important- the size of the vehicle, its proper loading / unloading, storage temperature, and much more.

Store your things with "Virginia Movers"

Our specialists think through every stage of your move from packing things up to loading them, followed by the transportation and accommodation of them in our warehouses. If you want to show independence in the matters of packaging and delivery, you are welcome! Call us and we will store your items delivered from the stock. For the storage of your property, we offer two types of storages: a heated and unheated one.

If you need to store furniture or appliances, equipment or office devices, then a heated warehouse is used. Sports equipment, such as: sleds, skis, bicycles, car tires, scooters, etc., can be saved by placing them in a cold storage. All our warehouses are equipped with video surveillance systems, alarm and security doors. The warehouse complex is guarded.

List of moving companies in Ashburn

Here is list of moving companies in Ashburn VA. Choose the best company for your moving and get free moving quotes.

  • Magic Movers
  • Our Guys Around Town Movers
  • My Guys Moving
  • Craig Van Lines
  • Excalibur Moving And Storage
  • Allied Van Lines, Inc.
  • Allstate Movers VA
  • Ascot Movers
  • Dulles Logistics and Rentals
  • Professional Movers Group

Ashburn VA movers’ tips on how to prepare your furniture for moving

You need to prepare your furniture for the journey. Cabinets and tables should be free from the things; the removable shelves should be removed. Do not forget to remove the drawers from the chest. If this is not possible, fix them motionless. Otherwise, shelves and drawers will drop and move when transporting. This can damage the furniture.

Furniture’s hardware should be packed in a separate box or bag. Just do not put "everything in a heap!" Details of the kitchen units are in one package, from the cabinet – in the other. And sign everything immediately. Then the assembly will not take a lot of time. It is better to pack panels, doors, shelves, boxes in the air bubble tape with the layers of paper or cardboard between the items.

Transportation of paintings with Ashburn movers

Pictures are different and their prices are different. One thing is to transport a cheap reproduction in a frame. Quite another thing are the works of famous artists, worth several thousand dollars! Some pictures are at all priceless. For example, your best works if you an artist.

Such valuable paintings require special conditions even at home. What can we say about the move when these works of art are transported to a new location? One careless movement can damage the thing. Therefore, only best professionals are invited for the transport of paintings, as they know how to prepare the works of art properly for the transportation.

Packaging not only protects the picture from accidental damage, but it also helps to avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity. It protects the work of art from dust and sunlight.

Especially all these factors are unfavorable for paintings done on paper. Inadvertently touched, hit, push – and the canvas is torn. Or there is a dent, scratch, scrapping on the paint layer.

It is necessary to transport the canvas separately from the frames in special containers. However, you can pack them in the paper or in a thick cloth, protecting the top layer with the air bubble tape. However, this must be done so that the packaging does not touch the canvas. Frames are packed in the air bubble tape and transported in an upright position, ideally – in boxes of a suitable size.

The specialists at “Virginia Movers” know all the peculiarities of moving and packing, so we will cope with all your property quickly and easily!

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