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Moving companies in northern Virginia

Moving Companies in Northern Virginia

If you need office or apartment moving, transportation of furniture or other property from one place to another, if you need loading or unloading services, it is not a problem now, as a huge amount of moving companies in Northern Virginia are ready to help you with this. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and efficiency of movers in Northern VA. Local moving companies in northern Virginia employ only those who know and love their work, so you can safely entrust any property to northern virginia movers: large pieces of furniture, fragile and expensive items, pianos – any property, regardless of its size and weight.

Best moving companies in northern virginia offer comprehensive services for moving at reasonable prices. The cost of moving usually includes the following work: delivery of packaging materials, dismantling, packing, loading and transportation of the property, unloading, unpacking, assembly and placement of furniture according to the plan of the customer, minor repairs, removal of packaging materials. If necessary, you can order the safekeeping of property in special warehouses.

Local moving companies: northern Virginia

Moving is much worse than fire. People always say this. But if you find a good northern virginia moving company, this process will take place completely unnoticed for you.

Moving is an event that requires the coordination of all your powers. Everyone dreams to trust his removal to professional moving companies in northern va that will do everything for you. However, not everyone can immediately find those whom you can trust. The customer can be sure that everything will be done in the best possible way, but then it turns out that there is no car on time, and the loaders are unable to endure the box. In general, continuous hassle.

Therefore, here is our advice: choose the moving companies in northern Virginia that you know. It does not mean that you have already moved with this company. You can ask your friends and read reviews on the Internet. Then you can be sure – your move will take place quietly and painlessly for you.

“Virginia Movers”, one of the moving companies in northern Virginia, will help you organize professional moving. By contacting us, you get a guarantee of efficiency and accountability and our satisfied clients can prove this. Also you can find moving companies in Bristol.

Office moving and local moving companies in northern Virginia

Your company is growing, expanding and you have found a new office, which could comfortably accommodate all your employees. Office relocation is not as simple as it might seem at the first glance.

If you want to protect your property against losses or damage, it is advisable to order a turnkey office move that will be done by a professional moving company. In this case, you are dealing with a legal entity carrying the financial responsibility for your property during the entire period of your moving. This service includes:

  • preliminary assessment of the moving to determine the cost;
  • delivery of packaging materials and stickers;
  • disassembly of furniture;
  • packing of furniture and office equipment;
  • loading the items into the car;
  • transportation of the office furniture and equipment to a new address;
  • unloading;
  • unpacking of furniture and office equipment;
  • assembly of furniture;
  • placement of furniture according to a previously agreed plan;
  • removal of packaging materials.

Unlike any other kind of moving, office removal should be organized in such a way so as to minimize the downtime of the company that is moving. Realizing this, “Virginia Movers” uses a very responsible approach to this process and coordinates all stages of your move very thoroughly.

Apartment moving with moving companies from northern Virginia

Apartment moving is always a unique unrepeatable event; the workers have to deal with an incredibly wide variety of objects and with different conditions of their moving from an apartment to a truck. Not all houses have cargo elevators. Not all items can be placed in the cargo elevator.

While carrying out a removal, it happens so that heavy and overall things have to be carried manually on the highest floors. Moving apartments requires special caring for things and highly skilled workers who can see at once how to disassemble an object without losing the details, pack it carefully and put it into the car. Everything should be done extremely carefully: each item must be carefully packed, the furniture should be disassembled and then packaged. This job requires special skills.

“Virginia Movers” moving company has a staff of all the necessary specialists. We work on the principle of one-stop shop: in one company you get all the complex of services – packaging materials, vehicles and a team of professional workers. For clients who applied for moving an apartment to “Virginia Movers”, we offer the following work:

  • the evaluation of the work to determine the total price of the moving;
  • delivery of packaging materials to pack the things you want to pack yourself;
  • disassembly of furniture;
  • packing of furniture, appliances, paintings, flowers;
  • loading of the transported property in the car;
  • transportation to a new address;
  • unloading of goods;
  • unpacking of furniture and personal effects;
  • assembling of furniture at the place of delivery;
  • furniture arrangement according to pre-approved plan;
  • removal of used packaging materials

As practice shows, the apartment moving generates more problems than office moving. For example, it involves transport of kitchen furniture, home appliances, wardrobes, sofas, chairs, paintings, glassware, linens, and a large number of small items.

Preparing for your removal

Before you order your removal, think about preparing for upcoming operations and pre-plan the sequence of actions performed.

Consider the options for removal of bulky items: a piano, sofas, cabinets. If you have troubles to carry them through a narrow corridor, you will need to disassemble or even remove the window, which is the most difficult task.

Be sure to make a list of transported things, then you can check the things during loading and unloading.

When you are moving to a new place, it is not necessary to take the things that you don’t use for a long time.

As to the documents or any other important papers, it is desirable to carry them separately and in person, do not trust them to anyone.

Be sure to take care of the packaging materials. These include wrapping paper for packing dishes, tape, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, stretch tape, etc. If you are moving an apartment with “Virginia Movers”, then we will provide you with these materials.

When packing things, always apply a label with the description of what is in the box. You need to pack things grouping them by destination (winter clothes separately, dishes separately, etc.). Try to pack things in boxes not more than 20 kg.

Tips for packing fragile and valuable items

Books should be packed in boxes with documents to avoid overweight.

Flat mirror, glass, stained glass surface, matching in size, can be laid on top of each other with a blanket or bubble wrap between them. Keep in mind, if you package a few items together, this can increase the weight of the whole structure, so try to pack them separately: first wrap the item in a blanket or bubble wrap, then close the carton.

TV sets. The main task is to protect the screen. It should be closed by a bubble wrap or blanket, and then protect it with the sheet of cardboard.

Musical instruments must be moved in designated for them cases, which, in turn, should be packed in bubble wrap or cloth. It is better to order professionals if you need to carry a piano.

Aquarium. Fish should be transferred in a separate vessel with the water from the aquarium. The tank must be emptied and disassembled; each element should be wrapped in a bubble wrap and closed with cardboard sheets.

Paintings with frame made of wood must be packed in several layers of packaging blankets or bubble wrap, then packed in cardboard sheets. If the frame is made of gypsum, the picture should also be wrapped into a blanket or bubble wrap and placed between the sheets of thin plywood or cardboard, and then fixed with the packaging tape and wrapped with a stretch tape.

Small fragile items, figurines, vases require individual packaging: they must be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap or paper, then put in a box of cardboard, tightly filled with soft materials (fabric, paper, cotton, foam, cloth).

Lighting items (chandeliers, sconces) are packaged unassembled. Diffusers should be wrapped into a soft cloth or bubble wrap and put in a box. They should not touch each other; fabric, paper, cotton or cloth should be put between them.

You should think about the temperature when moving plants. Tall plants should be protected with cardboard sheets according to their size, and then wrapped with a stretch tape. Small plants can be moved in the usual bookboxes and barrels. To prevent the damage of the plant, it is necessary to put soft materials between the pots or build walls of cardboard.

It should be remembered that the package should be soft on the inside and tough and durable on the outside, then the wrap will protect your belongings from external influences and will not cause the damage to things itself.

Welcome to “Virginia Movers”-we will cope with the moving of any complexity, because we are a team of professionals!

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