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Residential Moves

Moving to a new home is a big step in your life. But we know residential moving can be every bit as frustrating as it is exciting. Over the years, you have accumulated massive amounts of things that make your house a real home, and transporting all of them to a new place is no piece of cake.

Except, with Virginia Movers, it can be. Stop worrying about the move you are about to make, and focus on the excitement of the new life! With the tools, know-how, and manpower we have as experienced VA residential movers, we make the move you have dreaded smooth and effortless for you. From packing and unpacking to moving tips to residential moving coordinators, we provide every service you need to feel comfortable during your big move. Be as involved as you want to be, and rest assured our expert residential movers will take care of everything you entrust them with.

Why Residential Moving with Virginia Movers?

We know selecting your residential movers is not that easy – after all, these are the people who will handle your most valued belongings. Why Virginia Movers of all the other residential moving companies in VA? Well, here are 5 good reasons.

  • You save your costs with the best price in Virginia.

We guarantee you the most attractive prices on the residential moving market in VA. Why pay more if you can get quality service for less?

  • You save your time with fast delivery.

Settle into your new home as soon as you would like to! With our fast delivery, you won’t waste any time waiting for your furniture to arrive.

  • You can be confident we will start right on time.

Not a minute of delay! Your move will start right as scheduled, because we value your time above anything else.

  • You can order all and any residential moving service you need.

We are a full-service residential moving company, and offer every service that can make your move easier. Yet, it’s up to you how much of the work you can leave to someone else: our flexible services can help you with a DYI move or take care of everything start to finish.

  • You can rely on us 24/7.

With round-o-clock support, we are there for you with any question or difficulty you might have during your residential move or while still planning it.

How Virginia Movers are Different from Other Residential Moving Companies

Residential moving companies are countless. Residential moving services in Virginia are more than easy to find. But what is rare and difficult to find is true understanding of your worries, related to the move, and the care we treat each move with. At Virginia Movers, we handle each case as if it were our own residential move. Your peace of mind is our ultimate goal, and we focus on this goal when creating our service offerings.

You need more packing materials? We can supply any materials, necessary for your residential move, and recommend you what will work better in your case. Even more: each standard service package includes free packing boxes for you.

Will you lose your money if you need to cancel or re-schedule your move with us? No. After you pay for our residential moving service, you can cancel your order or re-schedule the move – absolutely free.

Will the move cost you more than you can afford? Absolutely not. At Virginia Movers, not only do we offer the best price in the state, but we also have a system of additional discounts. In the end, you get the most attractive price on the market.

Virginia Movers: Reputable Residential Moving Company

We understand that trust is the most important factor in choosing the company that will take care of all your life’s possessions. That is why over the years we have built a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy contractor in the residential moving industry. Fully licensed to provide residential moving services, we comply with all requirements and regulations of the state.

And, most importantly, our 1000+ satisfied customers are the best proof of our competence. Join them and see the Virginia Movers difference for yourself: care, efficiency, speed – and all of that at the most attractive prices.

Hire Your Residential Moving Company Today!

Time to start preparing for your big move! Contact us today, and get a free non-obligation quote to know the approximate cost of our residential moving services for your case.

Based on your needs, we will come up with the optimal service package and the best price we can offer.

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