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Packing  and Unpacking

Isn’t packing the most annoying part of your moving to a new home? Sometimes you even wonder where to start. Fragile things need to be packed with special care, so that they make it to the new destination safely. Furniture needs to be wrapped the right way. You need to pack everything smartly, so that you can easily find any item when you start unpacking. Does this sound like too much for you to handle?

Get professional help from some of the best packers and movers in the USA! Virginia Movers offer more than transporting your things from A to B : our expert moving packing services take the frustration out of the whole process. Just customize your order to meet your individual needs and let us take care of the packing you don’t want to be doing. With our professional packers and movers, you can be confident every item you own will be delivered safe and sound, while you do nothing else but look forward to your brand new home.

Packing Services

Our packers and movers are there to take up any part of the packing process – or all of it, if that is what you need. Based on your requests, we will come up with a custom packing plan for you. You can do all of it yourself, while we provide you with packing supplies as well as guidelines and tips from professional packers and movers.

You can choose to pack some of your belongings, while we take care of the most fragile items, like dishes and glass tables, or any other items you specify. You can let our packers and movers handle the whole process, and rest assured everything is packed with as much care as if you did it yourself. Whatever your preferences are, professional packers and movers will make packing as easy for you as possible.

Unpacking Services

Your furniture and all your belongings have finally arrived in the new house – but the hassle is not over yet. You still need to unpack your things and settle in, and sometimes you can’t afford spending your valuable time on that. Our packers and movers will make it so much simpler by putting all your furniture exactly where you want it to be, and placing each box in the right room.

If you need more help, we can take care of everything from unpacking your boxes to placing every item in its place to hauling away the packaging. Get some extra help with the most difficult items and then continue settling in at your own pace, or have everything done without any of your time wasted – you name it.

Your Belongings Delivered Safely with Our Packing and Moving Service

Moving always causes havoc in your life. Don’t let it become the reason why you lose some of your most valued belongings. Scratched furniture, torn upholstery, smaller items simply lost on the way – these are only a few wrecks neglectful packers and movers can cause you. Have you been through this before? With Virginia Movers, it won’t happen again.

Entrust the things you own to professional packers and movers, who guarantee all your belongings, from bulky furniture and appliances to the smallest knick-knacks, make it to your new home safely. After dozens of moves we have organized in Virginia over the years, we offer you more than a moving van. Our team is trained to pack, load, and unload any item in a way that keeps it 100% safe from damage.

Cost of Movers and Packers

We understand that each customer’s situation is unique. You might want turn-key services that let you be involved in the move as little as possible, or you might prefer to take care of everything personally, but get help with the most difficult items. That is why we don’t put a flat price on our packing and moving services.

To get an estimated cost of movers and packers we offer, you will just need to fill out an inventory list and specify which of your possessions you want packed and/or unpacked. Contact us now, and let us offer you our best price in a free non-obligation quote!

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