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Popular Moving Services

Our company “Virginia Movers” is one of the leaders in the market of moving services and we have been offering our quality moving services to customers for quite a while. During this period our company has formed a clear understanding of what ordinary movers want and what huge companies require. Knowing this, we have developed some rules that make our work efficient. The understanding of our mission provides every employee of our company an opportunity to develop, which contributes to the provision of quality services by the company in general. We believe that every customer deserves special attention by the fact that he has chosen our company from a variety of organizations that provide moving services, and he should remain happy with this choice.

That is how we understand our mission in “Virginia Movers”

  • Qualitative performance of the services ordered.
  • Providing a full range of services.
  • Urgent professional help to the customer in cases of force majeure.
  • Individual approach to every client.
  • Quality counseling on all the issues of moving.

We believe that adhering to these principles, we will satisfy even the most fastidious customers.

Our experience shows that every person, who tried our services once, became our permanent customer or advised us to his friends. This testifies the high professionalism of our staff and our loaders in particular. Our loaders do not only perform the physical work, they communicate directly with every customer, trying to achieve the highest quality of the labor process. They are targeted to consider all the wishes of the client that he may forget during the order.  Every worker in “Virginia Movers” is not a random person who needs a part-time job, this is a man who likes his work and he is engaged in it with pleasure.

What kind of services do we offer to our customers?

  • Apartment moving

You have to move. This can cause a lot of troubles and unsolvable problems. In fact, everything is simple. Properly planned and professionally implemented apartment moving can take just a day. In the evening you will be able to settle on your favorite couch. All the furniture is assembled and placed in their places. You can celebrate the housewarming party!

To make your move comfortable and convenient for you, you need to make a call to “Virginia Movers” or fill out the form on the apartment moving. We will take care of the rest!

  • Commercial moving

Your company is moving. This is a great event. Professionally planned and well-organized commercial removal, order, neatness, comfort of employees – these are the key points of a good start in a new place! In order to move your enterprise quickly, without breaking the workflow, you just need to make a call to our company or fill in the order for commercial moving. All other concerns are ours!

  • Piano moving

This special service requires professional skills of the loaders, a specially equipped vehicle and equipment for transportation of pianos. We perform transportation of pianos quickly and with a guarantee of safety.

  • State to state moving

It is not always easy to move state to state, since you need to take all your belongings, rare and expensive property. Thus, such moving is complex, as it requires special organization. Our company “Virginia Movers” can arrange it for you. You may no doubt that using the services of our company, you will receive accurate state to state moving at the lowest price.

  • Household moving

Moving to a new living space is a great joy, but it is often accompanied by a variety of problems. How often people are confused by the numerous household items that should be moved without losing or breaking anything. If you want to see your property intact at the new address, use our services of household moving.

Everyone must do what he likes. What could be better than helping people to simplify their lives, delivering convenient moving services?

If you share our enthusiasm and wish to become our customer, partner or just want to get professional advice, then contact us or fill in an online application form and wait for our call.

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