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Military and government moving

Military and Government moving

When it comes to transportation of all things, furniture and objects from one apartment to another, it usually refers to a house (cottage, apartment) or office relocation. What is meant by house moving is obvious. This is an ordinary relocation from one residence to another, i.e. transportation of the property in a new house. What is the office moving? This is the transportation of desks with chairs and office equipment in a new office, creation of new workplaces.

But there are two quite different types of moving which are known as military moving and government moving. And such military moves and government moves are associated with the non-standard difficulties; we are talking about loading of impressive consignments, dimensional shelves, cabinets and other furniture. It is also important to correctly prepare the two premises: from which the property will be imposed, and in which it will be transported.

The involvement of staff, while moving military or governmentally, is considered quite a prudent step. In principle, it is quite possible to produce your moving, but only if the responsibilities are allocated properly, and the spheres of responsibilities are defined correctly. Also, it is important to select the date efficiently. This means that the move should be done on a quiet day, without the clients and others.

But anyway, the help of any of the government or military moving company will be required, even if the company has its personal vehicles, loaders, packers, coordinators, government or military movers. What are the advantages of governmental or military approved moving companies? Their firms help to avoid the "Babylonian" problems when the crowd of people does not know what to do. It is also important to stimulate the staff assistants on the move. First, make sure the staff that the new place will not be worse for them than the previous one. Second, explain that competent relocation will help to avoid difficulties in the working process in future.

If the moving company is hired, you may not worry about the preservation of the quantity and quality of the luggage. Experienced staff will make all inspections and will check the cargo with the government or military moving checklist before giving the load.

”Virginia Movers” affordable military movers

The company "Virginia Movers" offers a full range of government and military moving companies; services. No matter what you need to carry, we have the personnel, equipment and vehicles to make your relocation at the highest standards. Whatever the size of your relocation is, our company has the experience and resources for a safe holding of it.

We can provide all the possible means for your moving. Our team of professionals can ensure minimal involvement of your employees, thereby ensuring the safety of your productivity. Our loaders are experienced and professional.

Military move is a much more complex event than the majority imagines, especially if it is carried out on your own without the help of a professional military mover. As such moving is an infrequent phenomenon, it is not necessary to underestimate its complexity. The purpose of "Virginia Movers" is to ensure your smooth moving.

Military moving services

It is known that poor packaging will lead to undesirable consequences – the damage of your property. On your request, we can provide packaging materials, which can be delivered a few days before the moving, so as the staff can pack their personal belongings and documents. Our materials correspond to the standards of the industry. We can also carry out the package safely and efficiently to save your time and money. You can be sure that when you move you will have all the necessary packing materials, such as boxes or containers, paper, markers, stickers, etc. Your equipment and other property will be transported in special boxes, using certain trucks.

Our company uses a number of modern trucks for such operations. We use special trolleys for loading the furniture. Staff will consider all the requests for loading the car.

At the end of the move it is very important to resume the workflow. Let us arrange everything, install and connect the equipment, unpack the boxes and take out the accumulated junk.

We are ready to work closely with your logistics department or the transport department at your request, to protect you from unnecessary anxiety and stress. You will receive a full preliminary consultation on all matters relating to the move. Our managers are ready to work in partnership with you to successfully fulfill your moving. Before you start moving, our managers will gladly meet with you to discuss all the comments and advise on any matter relating to the move. We believe that planning and consultation are the keys to ensuring a successful move. Of course, we guarantee that the quality of service is exactly what you expect.

We do much more than the obvious things. "Virginia Movers" will show how to simplify every aspect relating to military relocation. Let our professionals show that relocation can be simple!

”Virginia Movers” government moving company

Government moving is a very demanding task and requires special skills. This procedure is associated with the transport of expensive government equipment, as well as a large number of documents from the archive. Our company’s goal is to implement the relocation for you quickly and accurately. With our years of experience it would be not difficult for us.

In order to make a safe moving, we will first:

  • Send our manager  to you to estimate the number of objects to be transported, the amount of packaging materials that will be necessary, as well as to disclose how much time it will take;
  • The next step is to agree the exact date and time for the move;
  • On the day of the moving trucks will be at your address together with our loaders;
  • The next step is a careful packing of cargo to ensure its safety, followed by loading of the equipment, furniture and belongings in the vehicles;
  • Our loaders always have the necessary tools for assembly / disassembly of furniture (if necessary), as well as straps for lifting heavy equipment, such as ATMs, safes;
  • After fixing everything in the vehicles, it is transported to a new location;
  • A quick and accurate unloading, placement in a specified location, unpacking of the goods and furniture assembly followed this.

After completion, the workers will remove the debris appeared.

Problems with military and government moving and their solutions

Moving into a new space is quite a complex process that you need to plan in advance. But no one is immune from the problems that can arise during the journey. Consider some of them and their solutions.

Take care of the required parking spaces for trucks. This is a problem faced by virtually all the movers. Therefore, to avoid such problems, you must pre-arrange the place.

Agree in advance with the administration the list of employees of the moving company that will perform the relocation. Otherwise, the administration will not allow any outsiders to enter their territory. Get permission in advance.

Agree with the administration the necessary number of elevators. If you do not do this, it may happen that on the day of the move they will be turned off or shut down for maintenance. Moving the furniture and belongings without the elevator would demand additional costs and time.

Plan the layout of furniture in a new place; identify where there will be a workplace of each of the employees.

Inform the staff about the start time and ask them to disable computers, assemble and pack the necessary documents in advance, in order to avoid the situation when the packers are already beginning to collect things, and the employees are still working.

Why government and military moves must be ordered at "Virginia Movers”

When there is a necessity to move, the leadership has a complicated and inevitable choice: who will fulfill this? Is it necessary to mobilize all the employees and cope on your own? Or is it better to entrust this to a specialized company?

Everything is easy. Everyone should mind his own business. Specialists daily solve the problems that may appear in organizing all sorts of moves. Therefore, they do everything automatically, without hesitations and without wasting time on unnecessary thoughts. Professionals know what you need to disassemble and what furniture will go assembled.

But every day of the company’s downtime it loses its profits. Therefore, the management usually prefers to make the move as quickly as possible.

And this is correct! Each work has its own nuances. For large transportations professional movers must be ordered. At least for the reason that experienced movers will decide the main part of organizational problems. And they will help to handle bulky loads, and will pack the equipment well, and will prompt the staff when to turn off the equipment and how to collect personal belongings.

It’s comfortable! Specialists will quickly transport all the things and promptly put everything in a new place.

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