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Our job is a professional office and apartment international moving, transportation of furniture and cargo. For us it is important not only the quality and speed, but also reliability, commitment and respect for the client. We provide personalized international moving services to each of our customers and strive to find the best solutions for every international mover.

Our international moving company provides a full range of services in the field of international transportation of personal effects, baggage, exhibitions, embassies, residences, apartments. We offer a wide range of services, ensuring high safety, reliability and timely delivery of your property to its destination.

International moving services

It is important for us to make your office relocation painless and with minimal concerns for your employees: on Friday they pack their personal belongings and important papers in a special box, and on Monday will come in a new office, where everything is arranged, computers and telephones are connected, and there will be no trace of cardboard, waste and packaging materials.

Apartment moving is neither fire nor flood if you apply to “Virginia Movers”, best international moving company. Apartment moving is an easy and fast operation for you. Our experts will carefully and delicately pack your stuff (for this purpose they will use special packaging materials that protect things during the transportation), disassemble and pack furniture, carefully dismantle your equipment. We carefully and gently deliver everything to the place of destination.

Transportation of furniture during the international moving is not very easy, especially if the furniture is expensive, antique or built-in. Furniture transportation is a challenge and it is almost impossible to do without the help of international movers and packers. Our company is one of the few international moving companies that has excellent experts in transportation and has the necessary tools for the transport of furniture. When transporting, the furniture is quickly disassembled into its component parts, neatly packed with the packaging materials, labeled, transported to a new place and it arrives there in the same state, as it has earlier.

We provide the following services for international movers:

  • selection of the appropriate vehicle for your needs;
  • planning and development of the optimal route of delivery;
  • organization of loading/unloading;
  • packaging materials;
  • dismantling and assembling of furniture;
  • international operations by air, road or sea transport, depending on the amount of cargo, delivery times and the country of destination;
  • organization of cargo delivery;
  • international moving and storage;
  • assistance in the design and preparation of supporting documents;
  • strict compliance with the stated terms of delivery.

Our team consists of professionals who love what they do.

The company “Virginia Movers” will help you or your company in these and other issues related to the international moving service of commercial goods and personal belongings.

International moving and storage

Warehousing of furniture, office equipment and other property enjoys great popularity among the customers along with the removal and assembly / disassembly services. And this is because there is no enough place and you need to keep things somewhere for some time.

Warehousing is the perfect option for you. You can be absolutely sure of the safety of your property.

The company “Virginia Movers” offers a secure storage of your belongings in a warehouse. You can use our warehouse for the storage of furniture, office equipment, as well as other things. Services are provided for a few days, or a long-term storage. For you our company will provide all the necessary loading equipment and specialists. During the storage of your property we sign a contract and accept a full responsibility.

Any secure storage is characterized by several stages. At the beginning the customer is visited by the appraiser to know international moving costs. Then, with the consent of the client documents are signed.

After signing the contract the loaders and furniture movers come to your place. Large furniture is disassembled and along with other smaller things is packed in a special material. Then, everything is loaded in the vehicle and is securely attached with fixtures and delivered to the warehouse.

The last step is to unload the items and locate them in the warehouse. The cost of storage is most often determined by the required number of square meters.

It’s not a secret that this multi-step process requires the staff of the highest level of professionalism and only the best international moving companies have it. The approach to such work should be neat, with increased responsibility. Consequently, the services of dubious firms with questionable warehouses are not recommended. So you should better look through the international moving companies reviews and refer only to the time-tested companies with experienced staff.

Best international moving companies

“Virginia Movers” company has an extensive experience in the market of moving, transportation of furniture, safes, ATMs, pianos, household appliances and office equipment.

At the moment, the moving company “Virginia Movers” is successfully competing for the leadership in the market of moving. High level of services and reasonable prices – all this makes us attractive for a wide range of clients.

Regardless of the size of your removal, whether it is a separate item of your furniture or large company relocation, you will be given a full range of professional services. A narrow specialization of our business allows us to focus all our attention on proper organization and high quality of services, trying to create the ultimate comfort during the relocation of our clients!

We are trusted by many companies and individuals.

The main advantages of our company are:

  • preliminary assessment of the necessary amount of work and services;
  • moving on weekends and holidays;
  • availability 24 hours a day;
  • professional and experienced loaders;
  • full responsibility to the client.

“Virginia Movers”: international movers and packers

Our company is a real expert in moving and transportation of property, which is also important. Furniture transportation or transportation of other things from one house to the other can be fun. But it is sad when, barely settled in a new house, the owners start to understand that they urgently need to repair their furniture.

It is necessary to make the right decision – to entrust the transportation of furniture to professional movers. Firstly, you do not need to search for a transport and loaders. Secondly, you do not have to waste your time and the time of your helpers – friends, relatives, and colleagues. Third, you save the physical and mental health, which, as a rule, is easily shaken while moving independently. And most important – you save your furniture intact. When transporting furniture from one place to another by the professional movers the furniture is quickly disassembled into its component parts, neatly packed in the packaging materials, labeled and transported to a new place

As you can see, moving is a rather complicated procedure, including a full transportation of furniture and appliances. Therefore, most people use the services of professionals who are able to carry out a high-quality transportation of things. But if you decide to move on your own, we suggest you follow a few basic rules of the move.

Naturally, the main stage is the disassembly of furniture and packing your belongings, then loading will be carried out. At the moment, to ensure the security of the cargo various elements are packaged differently and are transported in different vehicles, or in several stages. The transportation of furniture items with a box of expensive crystal vases in one truck is not only irrational, but also dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to divide all the things into several major groups, and most often it is done according to their size and weight.

Packaging furniture and belongings for international moving

Furniture elements are usually insulated with respect to one another by large cloths, as they are heavy and cannot go in the body of the truck. As for the details, the same crystal vases must be pre-packed in boxes with foam, paper or cotton wool. These measures will ensure maximum safety when transporting things.

The unpacking of things on the arrival is also important, as the car can come on at some pits and potholes that could affect the overall situation of the boxes in the back. And when you open the doors, some of them can just fall on you.

While unpacking everything, you should be cautious, especially with glass, because no matter how well it was isolated, anything can happen, and it is better not to risk and check whether the glass objects are intact.

Of course, the move involves many steps, but the initial and final are packing and unpacking, so it is to these processes you should pay the maximum attention.

Packing material while international moving

The main factor to keep your personal items, furniture, office equipment during any removal is the quality modern packaging materials and competence of the packers.

Modern packaging materials are so diverse in their properties and possess the individual capabilities that are sometimes called “smart”. Just think: today packaging can save things not only from dust and dirt, but also from damage, friction, vibration, from the impact of heat, cold, and even static electricity! And the packaging materials serve as a control – it will tell you if somebody has opened the package on the way.

Packing materials for moving includes both traditional packaging (cardboard boxes, for example) and completely new technological developments (such as, polyethylene or stretch tape). It is not always possible for an ordinary man to understand this diversity, to choose the most efficient packaging for each type of things or to buy quality packaging. So it is better to ask the professionals, such as “Virginia Movers”, to do this task for you.

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