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Household Moving  Company

All efforts related to apartment moving, can be laid on the shoulders of professionals – “Virginia Movers” moving company that provides household moving services and takes care of loading, unloading and packing. Professionalism of the staff will help to carry the household moving most safely.

Transportation of household appliances for businesses and individuals is offered by the company “Virginia Movers”. In our database there is a huge range of vehicles that are used for this type of service. Small capacity vehicles are suitable for long-distance relocations. They easily fit appliances, furniture and boxes of other household goods. Large-capacity cars are beneficial for orders shipping consignments.

Transportation of household appliances is carried out only by experienced drivers who know how to calculate the speed limit to avoid sudden braking and sharp turns. We guarantee the safety of the equipment and the timeliness of delivery to the destination.

Household Moving Services

Our household moving company offers our clients:

  • necessary trucks for transportation of goods, namely household appliances;
  • loader services for loading and unloading;
  • delivery of equipment to the destination;
  • calculating the cost of transport according to a strict set of tariffs.

Household Moving & Storage

Transportation of household appliances is a very demanding task. It’s one thing when a just bought equipment is transported – it is in the original packaging that protects it reliably during loading, transportation, unloading and delivery to the place without bumps and bruises. Another thing is when you need to transport household appliances from the office or apartment to another location, or out of town. There are also long-distance transportations. So in this case it is important that the transportation of household appliances is carried out by professional household moving companies.

The company “Virginia Movers” carries any cargo, small and large expensive home appliances as well. Small appliances are easily packed in cardboard boxes, empty spaces are filled with bubble wrap, paper or foam. The boxes are sealed with tape. This load can be accurately carried in the cabin of the car or the trunk.

Large home appliances – refrigerators, computers, televisions, washing machines – require a more thorough special packaging. The washing machine is disconnected from all couplings and hoses, the drum is attached with special shipping bolts. The refrigerator door is also locked in the closed position, be sure to remove all shelves and drawers previously. LCD monitors, large plasma TV sets are pre-wrapped with bubble wrap, placed in cardboard boxes with foam padding. In the body of a vehicle, as a rule, they are placed along the sides to ensure maximum security.

Refrigerator is mounted only vertically, in extreme cases, its slope should not exceed 40 degrees. This will prevent oil leakage from the compressor and its entering into the plenum.  Refrigerators and other appliances are fastened with special straps made of soft material with metal locks. They promote good cushioning during transportation and prevent scratches on the surface. In the upright position the rest of the appliances is carried out.

Before transporting household appliances the manager enters into an agreement with the customer. Pre detailed discussion of transportation takes place. You must provide the exact list of equipment that you want to carry. It is advisable to inform about the brand of the equipment or its size and weight. You need to specify further the exact address of the export and delivery of goods, floor, the width of stairways, corridors and doorways if possible. The manager finds out the client’s wishes to use additional services – disconnecting / connecting equipment, garbage disposal.

The company will provide a delicate type of vehicle for the carriage of such goods, the device for lowering / lifting heavy and bulky equipment. The company offers you the staff of highly qualified specialists and loaders who properly manage the equipment. The company is solely responsible for the safe delivery of household appliances and its safety.

Costs of household moving

Such service as transportation of household appliances has a number of features. It is necessary to know how to transfer, download and carry the cargo. And often taking the advantage of our services, you can save money as a result of the qualified transportation of household appliances by our specialists.

Prices for shipping and transportation of household appliances depend on their weight, dimensions, transportation mode, the time for which the shipment is made.

It often turns out that the services offered, in fact, are cheaper than an independent relocation.

Household appliances are almost always the most expensive and necessary part of a home property. Without the appliances it is awkward to manage, and its failure and unplanned purchase – is an “economic sabotage” for the budget.

If you urgently need to vacate the apartment and you have no time and material to pack the things, call us – we will quickly organize, advise and help with packing.

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