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Lexington moving companies

Lexington moving companies

Are you going to move your office or apartment? The first thing that is necessary in both cases – is to pack everything carefully and to transport your belongings to the place of destination. If you are moving to a vacant place, you just need to transport your property from one place to another. But in some cases it is impossible to do this, and you need the so-called temporary storage area. The ideal solution in both cases is to apply to moving companies in Lexington.

Today Lexington moving companies help people to cope with the transport of things easily. Moreover, the customer does not even have to take part in the packaging of these things. Using the services of a Lexington moving company, a person just coordinates the movement of the workers and get the desired result. It may seem that it is much easier to hire loaders with transport and fulfill the moving on your own. However, the assistance of professionals guarantees the safety of your cargo and compliance with the specified terms of the order. Many companies that provide moving services offer help in storing the furniture and belongings during the process of removal. To do this, they provide a specially equipped and guarded warehouse, ensuring the safety of the client’s property.

“Virginia Movers” Lexington moving company

The basis of our company’s philosophy is to provide VIP services to every customer, regardless of the complexity of his order. Do you need to carry an aquarium, a piano, household appliances, ATM or a bulky safe? Are you going to move apartments or office?

Rest assured! In any case, you will be provided a professional service and a full range of services for a comfortable relocation.

“Virginia Movers” company’s services is a professional answer to all the questions that can only occur during the removal.

List of moving companies in Lexington VA

Here is list of moving companies in Lexington. Choose the best company for your moving and get free moving quotes. Also you can find moving companies in Chesapeake here

  • Valley Movers LLC
  • American Van Lines – Long Distance Movers
  • Moving Pals

“Virginia Movers”: Local and interstate transportation of furniture

The packaging of furniture and equipment is done by means of materials that best protect the property from the slightest damage. Furniture and other property packing can be done at any time convenient for you.

We are ready to offer you a full packet of services connected with your removal, or you can order just separate services, such as:

  • Unloading of the car. If you need to unload the car with your property or equipment, the company “Virginia Movers” is always ready to help. You only need to agree everything with our managers.
  • Unpacking of your furniture and personal effects. When your property is safely delivered to your address, you can order a neat unpacking of furniture and personal belongings in “Virginia Movers”.
  • Placement of the furniture. Placement of the furniture is carried out in accordance with your instructions or pre-arranged plan.
  • Rearranging of the furniture. Our company provides the service "Rearranging of the furniture and moving objects within the interior of the building." This is rearrangement in adjacent rooms (room moving) or moving assets from floor to floor (office relocation).
  • Dismantling, assembly and installation of the furniture transported. When you need to transport the closet, bedroom or kitchen furniture the dismantling, assembly and installation of furniture is performed. Professionals from “Virginia Movers” will perfectly cope with this task by means of appropriate skills and professional tools.

Packaging materials and additional services for the moving

When you made the “application for relocation”, the necessary packaging materials are delivered to you in advance and in the right quantity.

In addition to this, our company is ready to provide you with the following services:

  • Labelling of boxes and transported items.

Responsibility for the transported property is the first rule to observe by professional loaders and operators from “Virginia Movers”. All the transported property is marked with a special sticker in the place of loading regardless of whether the transportation office, transportation of commercial equipment, safes, ATMs, apartment furniture is performed, regardless of the amount of the order.

After the packaging is completed, the inventory of furniture, equipment and personal belongings, which is signed by both parties, is made. After the arrival of your property to a new location, you mark the relevant items in the inventory sheet.

  • Flooring with a protective tape

To protect your flooring from the slightest damage from your property, a special protective tape is placed before unloading (if necessary). To ensure the maximum cleanliness in the new location, the employees of “Virginia Movers” can do their job in removable shoes. The loaders and operators of “Virginia Movers” will work in the room of your home or office.

  • Consultant-appraiser will help you safely and correctly assess all the nuances of the upcoming moving

An experienced appraiser from the moving company “Virginia Movers” will advise you on such issues as: the preparation of things to move, dismantling and packing of furniture (if you wish you can do this on your own), how many loaders you need and which packaging is preferable for every item. Most importantly, you will clear out the final cost of your moving.

  • The export of packaging materials

After your relocation is completed, our employees will remove the packaging materials, all the garbage generated in the process of moving.

  • The services of an electrician and a plumber

In order that you can start living or working in a new place with the maximum comfort, the specialists from “Virginia Movers” will connect all your household appliances, electrical equipment, will do the plumbing. The hanging of chandeliers, paintings, wall cabinets, and minor repairs are also provided. Also you can find moving companies in Bedford here

Your moving will pass comfortably and pleasantly if you let us do it for you!

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