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Moving Insurance

Moving as a natural disaster appears from nowhere and takes on its waves a bunch of expensive, necessary and important valuables into oblivion. Until recently, such a statement was the only correct and somehow you had to put up with it, and it had to be taken into account when planning the next apartment or office relocation.

Today, our moving company “Virginia Movers” offers relocation without the hassle, easy, organized and professional, as we have a full confidence in the competence of our employees, but to share this confidence with you, we offer basic moving and storage insurance for all our customers. There is no need to pay for this, as the basic moving insurance is already included in our full service package. It is quite enough just to order a full package of services to get the insurance.

Moving insurance: what is it and how does it work?

Many companies offer their customers additional services, such as insurance while moving and warehousing, protection of transported cargo. The company carries out professional work only based on the contract with you, which specifies the various stages of moving with a clear indication of the time and cost of the work, but also civil rights, obligations of the parties and the insurance.

So, making a deal with our moving company, you sign a bilateral agreement, which means that we take the complete responsibility for the safety and integrity of your things for the period of moving.

This means that the cost of your favorite vase if it is cracked because of certain circumstances on the move, will be fully compensated. Thus, your soul can be completely calm.

If the anxiety is not leaving you before such a responsible event as moving, you can insure all your property or any part of it any moving insurance companies. Indemnification is paid after the occurrence of the insured event prescribed separately, for example, apartment or office moving, an accident on the road, natural disasters and many other situations related with the loss of the insured property.

You can purchase moving insurance at any stage of the removal:

  • during packaging and handling items;
  • during transport;
  • during storage in a warehouse;
  • during unloading.

A simple set of actions will return calm and confidence in the safety of your property to your heart.


The benefits of moving insurance is difficult to underestimate. After all, even being experienced professionals in the field of removals services, we are not immune from natural disasters or unpleasant accidents, which, unfortunately, can sometimes happen.

Focusing on a long-term cooperation and meeting the needs and wishes of the clients, we strive to provide the highest level of services. Indemnification is held as soon as possible, because only this makes it possible to form a very positive impression on the move, and restore your office or apartment in a few days.

If you organize a removal on your own, in the hope of saving, there is a big risk that quite opposite can happen, as one spoiled valuable thing can cover the entire cost of the work of the moving company in many times.

Moving is a complex process, which is difficult to handle by the common person, to carry all the things without spoiling anything. In such cases, movers is the perfect solution to the problem, as the staff of the moving company knows the answers to all the questions and is responsible for the safety of the transported items. That is why the moving company has a very responsible and adequate staff – people who clearly know everything and know how to organize all the work associated with the moving professionally.

It is possible to prove your professionalism, offering customers the sheets of texts about the competence, experience and skills of the staff, but you can just offer them insurance move, which we did.

Be sure, each component of the load, whether it is a fragile vase, small clothespin or dimensional equipment will be delivered to the final destination in the integrity and security. Moving without the hassle and headache becomes a reality if you apply to “Virginia Movers”!

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