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Standard service package

Moving company "Virginia Movers" is ready to offer you a full range of relocation services. We are a reliable partner and a great helper for thousands of families and companies who are going to move. The main principle of our work is saving your time and efforts!

Not everyone knows that any removal should take place in an organized way, quickly and without unpleasant hassle for the person who moves. This is only possible if you have entrusted this task to professionals from "Virginia Movers". Therefore, we recommend you:

  • Save your time and do not make unnecessary efforts;
  • Forget about emotional experiences;
  • Entrust the solution of the problems to professionals;
  • Just enjoy life!

On our site you will find the detailed information about the process of moving apartments, furniture transportation, transportation of interior items and antiques, transportation of pianos, storage of property in the warehouse. Moving on your own is something from the past. It is time for professionals and a full range of services for the implementation of the moving of any complexity.

Our company "Virginia Movers" offers you two types of service packages:

  1. Standard service package.
  2. Full service package.

In the first case, you may choose the services you require. We can just load your belongings in the car, bring them in new premises where they are unloaded and you can do everything else. You can pack the boxes, dissemble the furniture and package it, and then do all these operations in a reversed order in a new place. Or you can choose any of the additional services offered by our company.

Full service package is for people who value their time and property, as experts plan your moving carefully. With minimal involvement of the customer, full service package involves the creation of working or living environment in the new location as soon as possible.

When do we recommend full service package?

  • When specialized institutions (e.g., a bank office, a shop, a medical clinic, a small production) are moving;
  • When you want to save time on moving, and as quickly as possible start operating;
  • In case of the lack of efforts, time and desire for self-moving;
  • If there are many things that require disassembly and packaging.

The division of labor is the basic principle of full service package – everyone does his job. Experienced master disassemble or mount the cabinet in two or three hours, and the manager may need two or three days. The same situation when packing things. There is no doubt that professional loaders should carry the safe rather than administrators.

In some cases, the standard service package may be quite enough:

  • When a small office that does not have large pieces of furniture, large files and special equipment is moving;
  • When you have a small number of things;
  • With the possibility to carry out the moving yourself, and you do not require additional services.

Any relocation, including full service package begins with a call to the appraiser. He determines the overall scale of the moving, counts the number of appliances and furniture. Also he looks whether it is necessary to carry oversized and heavy items. The appraiser discusses the terms and conditions of relocation. And the moving process begins.

A full service package and ordinary service package can be quite similar, depending on the services you choose. Our workers come at the appointed time and work according to the plan. They disassemble and pack your furniture, sort and pack the things; mark everything, then load into the vehicles and fix the items there. After delivery and unloading at the new address, things are arranged according to the labeling and furniture is assembled.

The full service package involves the basic insurance for the transported property. Therefore, the customer must check the integrity and the number of things, as the claims should be imposed immediately.

If you are very busy working or planning to go on vacation after the moving, are moving out of the apartment in a house, or are a leader of a huge enterprise, we advise you to order full service package in "Virginia Movers".

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