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Moving company in Roanoke (VA Movers) offer professional services in organizing and conducting of business and household removals and the services related to this.

In addition, they provide warehousing services to organizations and individuals (storage of furniture, personal belongings and other property). If you want that your home or office relocation leave only positive memories, you should apply to professional moving companies in Roanoke VA. If you contact professional movers in Roanoke VA, it will save you from unnecessary worries. Also you can find moving companies in Fairfax here.

One of the movers in Roanoke VA, the company "Virginia Movers", is ready to take care of all the moving arrangements and it will help you save your time and efforts. Owning great experiences on the relocation of any complexity, we come to the solutions of the problems connected with your moving efficiently.

The process of home or office removal will look as follows:

  1. Consultation on the apartment moving or office relocation;
  2. The appraiser will come directly to your place (if necessary) to evaluate the amount of work;
  3. Planning of your moving;
  4. Delivery of packaging materials (cardboard boxes, heavy-duty packets, etc.);
  5. Professional dismantling and packing of furniture and other property;
  6. Cargo handling and transportation;
  7. Unpacking and placement of the property;
  8. Removal of the used packaging materials.

We provide a range of services to fulfill your moving with maximum comfort. Our manager will develop an optimal route for your move, taking into account your needs and wishes. The transportation will be carried out at a convenient time for you. Years of experience in this field and the use of the latest technology allows us to guarantee the highest level of services provided.

How to conduct a removal carefully with movers in Roanoke VA

Delicate moving seems just impossible, as these two words are completely incompatible. Often the moving is compared to a fire. What kind of delicacy? Something in the process of moving is often broken or lost or spoiled. At least – the nerves of the owners of the home or the company. But this is just a stereotype. In fact, any moving is quite possible without any losses. The main thing is to observe certain rules.

Think about a comfortable moving of your households in advance. Be careful with small children. On the appointed day, it is better to send them on a visit to their grandparents or friends, or hire a babysitter. It all depends on the age of children and the specific situation. But in any case, make sure that the children will be "in good hands" – under the proper supervision, they will be picked up from the kindergarten or school on time, they will be fed and, if necessary, sent to bed. This is important not only for children but also for parents’ peace of mind. It is necessary to take special care of pets.

Pack your things properly. Delicate relocation involves delicate handling of things. Especially those that you need. Mirrors, chandeliers, glass pieces of furniture and other fragile things should be necessarily wrapped in a soft cloth, newspapers, air bubble tape – different variants are possible.

Select the appropriate means of transport. A good car is not necessarily an expensive car. Things can be carried carefully in various vehicles with an experienced driver. The main thing is that the car should be suitable in size, intact and clean. Ideal variant is a vehicle equipped with special fasteners for fixing furniture and other bulky things.

Entrust your things to reliable loaders. A reliable loader should be punctual, experienced, responsible, and strong. In addition, of course, he is simply obliged to treat your things as neatly as his own.

You need to consider many things if you decide to organize your moving on your own! However, do not be afraid. Of course, if you prepared your things for the transportation, ordered loaders in one firm, and transport in the other, it is difficult to coordinate the actions of different organizations; this will cost you a lot of time, efforts and nerve cells. However, there is a way to make your life easier. Contact the moving company "Virginia Movers", and we will hold your moving carefully and quickly, because we have to do everything you need.

List of moving companies in Roanoke VA

Here is list of moving companies in Roanoke. Choose the best company for your moving and get free moving quotes.

  • Dunmar Moving Systems
  • Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services
  • Premier Transfer and Storage, Inc
  • Double H Transfer LLC
  • Ray E. Owens Moving
  • Collegiate Movers Inc.
  • Virginia Varsity Transfer
  • Lawrence Transportation Systems Inc.
  • Heritage Moving and Storage Inc.

Moving with "Virginia Movers"

On the appointed day, our staff will come to your place with the necessary packaging materials and properly pack all your things – from furniture and appliances to cookware.

Among our vehicles there is special transport for all occasions – for a small amount of goods and for the transportation of many things.

All the loaders of our company are experienced and courteous. They do not damage anything and cope even with such heavy and bulky items as refrigerators, safes or pianos.

So, think about your health and your property, and order delicate moving with "Virginia Movers"!

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