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Moving Checklist

For many people the process of moving is a global event, and for someone it is quite the usual time. The complexity of the move depends on the number of things, children, money, assistants and many other factors … If the very idea causes stress and bustle in your head, then our best moving checklist will be very useful for you. To avoid all the troubles connected with the removal, we offer you our free printable moving checklist, where all the long-term and ongoing tasks can be tracked down. The best thing of this moving checklist is that it can be used as an international moving checklist, long distance moving checklist and local moving checklist. The second benefit of our move checklist is that it is a printable moving checklist that can be easily printed and filled in.

Move checklist template

We offer you a step by step checklist for moving that will help you organize your removal and move hassle-free. This move checklist is effective because it is very simple and extended in time, so that your move will not be done in a hurry. Here is a free moving checklist that you can just copy and save in various types, as moving day checklist word or Moving Check list PDF

Such a moving check list will not only facilitate your work in the process of packing and transportation, but will also save you time during unpacking the things in the new location.

But remember none of the moving checklists will be of any use if you leave them in your old house!

Time What Should you do Done
8 weeks before the move Order packaging materials
Start sorting through garage, garden shed or attic to find things that you would like to give to someone or sell (decide what to do with them).
Decide what furniture you would like to have in a new home, and what you’d like to sell, sent to relatives or donate to charities. Arrange furniture transportation in advance.
6 weeks before the move Prepare all the documents, pick out the most important. Pack them in a separate small box and mark. This box you should always keep in sight.
Sort through video and photo archives, memorabilia, jewelry, cameras, laptop and so on. Pack in a separate box and mark them as a valuable cargo. The box should be kept in sight.
Start packing home furnishings and other things that are not used in everyday life. Label every box.
4 weeks before the move Order a FREE evaluation of your move in a moving company. Weigh the pros and cons and decide finally how you will move, either alone or with the help of professionals.
If you decide to move independently, define the day of your move (in this case you will need at least 2-3 days). Call your friends and gain their support for the move, inform about the date of the move. You need at least 4 assistants.
Choose a moving company if you decided to use its help. Sign a contract with it.
2 weeks before the move If you do not have a truck, find the transport company for this. Book a car of the right size for all the days of your moving.
Make up a list of things to do before the move: close the contract for electricity, internet, insurance, telephone, so on.
1 week before the move Print this moving checklist template and begin to tick those things that you have completed. Keep this list with you even while on the move.
Make up a list of things to do before the move: close the contract for electricity, internet, insurance, telephone, so on.
3 days before the move Do the washing of clothes since it should still dry before the departure, and then unplug the appliance from the water supply.
Prepare all your devices for transportation (that you can avoid using). If you pack them yourself, remember to mark “top”, “bottom”.
Contact the moving firm to determine all the details about the procedure of removal.
1 day before the move Cook dishes that you can use in the coming days, it is desirable that they are not perishable, pack them in containers and refrigerate.
On the day of the move Start with furniture package. Disassemble the furniture that cannot be moved assembled.
Load the furniture and other things into the car. Important! First of all, always load furniture and large items, and only when all the furniture is put, start loading boxes and packages.
After the removal Determine where to put a refrigerator and turn it on, then immediately put the products you brought.
Connect the gas or electric stove so that you can cook.
Unpack only the necessary items: hygiene items (toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, hair dryer, make-up, towel), dishes that you put together with tea and biscuits in a separate box before the move, as well as slippers and clothing for all the family members. Do not try to unpack everything in the first few days, it could lead to chaos.

Moving Checklist: the beginning of packing

Try to divide all your things into the categories. There are two convenient options how to define the category:

  • By the type of things.
  • By the rooms.

This is convenient because then you can also arrange everything without problems, how to put the things in the rooms and wardrobes.

Moving Tips and Checklists: Packaging Materials

Our moving in checklist won’t be complete if we don’t mention packaging materials. You can use the following:

  • Boxes.
  • Sellotape and ordinary paper.
  • Labels.
  •  Colored paper. You can choose your color for each room and then mark all the things for this room with this color.
  • Permanent marker.
  • Wrapping paper.
  • Packing foil.
  • Bubble wrap

Move in checklist: additional information

We would like to add some more tips to our move in checklist  that were not included in the relocation checklist to ease your moving:

  • Do not shoulder the job of transporting. Give yourself enough time to plan and do not try to handle everything yourself – there are enough specialized companies to perform fast and efficient transport of property.
  • Do not plan to move in the "rush hour."
  • Find out all the financial nuances.
  • Insure your property.
  • Do not forget about your pet.

With such a moving checklist printable  it will be easy to move and not to be scared about the event. In this case, planning is crucial. After all, when you know what to do and moving checklists help you with the next step, you are much calmer, believe me! And when you know what to do, everything seems easier, as the worst thing in the move is the chaos and confusion. But now you know how to beat them! Good luck to you with your moving.

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