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Moving companies in Carrollton VA

Moving Companies in Carrollton

Moving companies carrollton can take over and perform quality work not only on transportation of cargoes (your property): the packaging, placement, insurance against various damages when moving – all these services the client receives in any moving company.

The team of the moving company, in addition to the already familiar to us loaders and drivers, includes the manager, who helps to organize the transfer.

A good moving company will easily cope with almost any complexity of the moving: the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, office moving and house relocation – all the work is performed competently and on time.

Professional mover in Carrollton-"Virginia Movers"

The moving company "Virginia Movers" provides moving services of apartments, offices, shops; assembly / disassembly and packing of furniture; unloading trucks, transport of safes, pianos, and much more.

We work around the clock to make our customers’ removals as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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"Virginia Movers": We will move your office easily!

Office moving is a serious matter, because it is associated with the usual stop of the working process and lost time. Moreover, not all the employees are willing to work as "loaders". Therefore, to avoid randomness, spontaneity and unnecessary downtime, it would be wise to turn to professionals. The company "Virginia Movers" will provide you with the appraiser, who will see all the "pitfalls" and plan to move with the schedule of your company. Your employees do not have to shove their documents and things in plastic bags and accidentally found boxes, your LCD monitor will not be damaged and you will not need to mark your things with a nail’s polish. The employees of our company will provide you with labeling stickers and packaging boxes for documents in advance.

A team of packers will produce the required disassembly of office furniture, which is done to guarantee the safety of its special packaging. Valuable and fragile items will be packaged in a special way, excluding damage. All items will be carried in specialized cars where everything is firmly fixed. Upon the arrival at the new place, the furniture and office equipment will be placed according to the plan, and boxes with personal belongings are placed next to the desk of a particular employee, according to the specified data on the stickers. After unpacking, all the packing materials, paper, protective tape will be removed by our employees. Thanks to good planning of your office moving, it will be conducted expeditiously and without the delay in the workflow.

Delivery of furniture

How many times in his life a person faces with the problem of furniture transportation?! How many riots, often far from cheerful, it brings him! Yet, it is possible to transport your furniture gently and safely for your nerves if you apply to the company "Virginia Movers".

A key link in the transportation of furniture is a loader. We took care of that link. Our loaders are specially selected and trained people, owning professional skills of furniture transportation: they are the best representatives of this profession.

For high quality of their services (by which we mean the transportation of furniture inexpensive, but with a minimum of mechanical action on it), our loaders are equipped with everything necessary. They have tools for assembly / disassembly of furniture, special belts to carry it, and packaging materials – corrugated cardboard, bubble tape, adhesive tape, etc.

You should also take into account the fact that this work they do every day – we have a very large portfolio of orders for transportation of furniture. That is, our staff has a lot of experience.

A choice of transport that our company has is an opportunity to transport your furniture inexpensive. The client does not pay for unused space in it, or for additional salable, as he can choose the most suitable vehicle for his moving.

In other words, if you need to transport furniture, it is recommend to contact us.

And the final touch to the description of the advantages of working with us. We offer the services of furniture transportation not only any day, but also at any time of the day! When you are comfortable, then we will come to you and do our job!

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