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Storage services

Office or apartment moving is complicated by the fact that it often requires a significant physical activity – packing, carrying, loading of things and furniture. It is also difficult morally: your habitual way of life is broken down and you should start everything from the very beginning. Moving apartment or office move is a heavy stress on your nervous system. Psychologists have even invented a special term – a move syndrome.

At first glance, it would seem that everything is simple: put your things in a box, load them into the car, drive, unloaded them on the spot. That’s what most people think. However, every job has its own quirks. Organization of moving is not an exception. Let’s say, moving from one-bedroom apartment you can fulfill on your own. But moving to a new office, when the company occupies two floors, is much more difficult.

Professionalism is what distinguishes the moving company employees from acquaintances who have agreed to help. Do you know how to pack fragile goods? How to move a piano? Where to store things if you can’t transport them just now or have no place to put them in?

But USA moving and storage company “Virginia Movers” knows what to do in such a situation. Our experts will pack your expensive home and office equipment. We have a special packaging for fragile items (glasses, watches, electronics, LCD monitors). Our drivers are professionals with long experience. Our loaders are strong and hardy specialists. And what is more, we can offer you storage moving services.

Moving and storage solutions

The problem of any move, whether it is an apartment removal or relocation of the company is a waste of time. Firstly, the process of moving from one place to another takes considerable time. Secondly, packing, unpacking, placement of all the places. Thirdly, if you don’t have the place where to put all your belongings, you begin thinking about moving with storage.

The choice of moving storage is small. You can temporarily use your friends as movers storage to leave the “disturbing” things there, but it is pointless and burdensome for the latter.

And you come to the only correct conclusion: moving & storage services offered by specialized storage movers companies. Such moving storage solutions are in all respects optimal, and their advantages are obvious.

In recent years, the moving & storage service is becoming more popular. During the move, repair of an apartment or office; while reducing the residential, office and retail space; during a long trip or letting apartments – the use of moving storage services will significantly simplify your life.

“Virginia Movers” the best moving and storage company in USA

“Virginia Movers” is a professional in the field of moving & storage of property. It provides an opportunity for long-term or temporary storage of any size and value.

Moving and storage service with “Virginia Movers”   company is a useful and reliable service, proven by thousands of our customers (both organizations and individuals). We have kept a variety of goods ranging from fragile items and personal effects to a large oversized equipment and office equipment.

Pretty urgent this service is for those people who make major or complex repair in the housing, give an apartment or room for rent. The service of storing property is also useful for people traveling to a long business trip. In such situations, storing things will be the ideal option to preserve the integrity, safety and security of your property.

Conditions of moving storage

The company “Virginia Movers”  ensures the best conditions for storage of your goods of any type. Our warehouse is equipped with temperature control and humidit controls, anti-dust coating of the floor and autonomous power. It meets the requirements of the fire safety and protection against unauthorized access to the stored objects.

With “Virginia Movers” you can be absolutely sure of the safety and security of your property. In addition, you can always pick up your things, reduce or increase the storage time, order delivery of your belongings at home, in the office or in another city.

“Virginia Movers” is an advantage moving and storage solution which will give you an excellent opportunity not to worry for the safety of your belongings during any of the moving events.

If you are interested in the service offered, just call us to estimate the moving and storage costs in your particular case.

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