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Commercial Moving Services

Commercial moving company “Virginia Movers” will be pleased to participate in your moving to the Business Olympus. it is ready to take the lead in providing such a complex affair as relocation, with all the little things and not only.

Developing the company’s strategy, we determined that our priority is the maximum satisfaction of our customers. There are a lot of customers and they all are different, with their own needs and expectations. So that all our customers can choose the best options for themselves, we offer various commercial moving services.

Peculiarities of Commercial Moving

The main distinction between commercial and personal removal is a time limit. The longer the company moving to new premises occurs, the more missed chances, dissatisfied clients, lost money it has.

Due to the importance of the temporal component in commercial moving, we supply corporate movers with a unique package of our services which includes:

  • budgeting and developing a plan to move with the mandatory negotiation details with the clients;
  • the preparatory stage, including packaging, cargo manipulating, etc .;
  • transportation;
  • unpacking things.

If you order our moving services, you will have a chance to use such benefits of cooperating with professionals from “Virginia Movers”as:

  • individual and integrated approach in dealing with the client;
  • a simple algorithm for moving;
  • strict adherence to the timelines and budget of the project;
  • various payment options;
  • non stop services;top quality commercial moving service.

Essential condition to our success and your satisfaction during transportation is:

  • the staff of well- qualified managers, packers, movers;
  • a good fleet of  vehicles;
  • a wide scope of packaging materials;
  • focus on the movers and their needs.

When moving furniture, transportation can be a daunting task, especially if the furniture is expensive. It cannot be done without the help of specialists in disassembling, packing and transportation, as well as special vehicles designed for this.

Stages of Commercial Moving

All the moving services should be well optimized – have a phased plan of transportation.

  • Call the appraiser. It is best to start your move with an appraiser. After the inspection of premises, measuring large pieces of furniture, doorways, staircases and driveways, the consultant agrees the deadlines, number and type of packaging, the type and volume of freight transport, cost, and other important points.
  • Packing. At the appointed time the brigade of movers and packers arrives to the customer, large furniture and interior details are disassembled, put into boxes and labeled by their offices.
  • Services of loaders. This service may be included in the total cost of the move, or charged separately. Professional movers load and unload oversized and overweight items from the old to the new office.
  • Transportation. It is impossible to order the moving without a special freight. So think in advance the type of vehicle you need in accordance with the cargo you have.

“Virginia Movers” is Your Ideal Choice for Commercial Moving

The company “Virginia Movers” offers relocation at any time convenient for you in Virginia and Washington DC.

Ordering our removal servics, you can be absolutely sure – furniture and office equipment transportation will be carried out quickly and accurately. We appreciate your working time and working hours of your employees.

But regardless of the package or individual service you choose, we guarantee:

  • the quality of service;
  • 100% cargo security;
  • deadlines specified in the contract;
  • the initial estimates will not be exceeded;
  • bonuses and discounts.

The task of your employees is to bring more profit to your company. The task of our employees is to do everything possible so as not to distract them from this!

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