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Moving Services

The main purpose of the moving company “Virginia Movers” is to find an optimal solution of the problem connected with the moving  and to offer the best moving services. We take into account such factors as distance, time during which it is necessary to implement the relocation, the total amount of tasks.

Trying to provide mover services at the highest level, we highlight a few key principles of our work. They are: professional approach to the process of moving, good planning of every move, detailed advice to our customers on all the questions connected with relocation, reasonable moving services prices and full liability.

Moving  is a serious and complex undertaking, but it should be accompanied only with positive emotions. Unlike most companies providing movers services, we have organized our work so that the customer does not take part in the tedious process of moving. You do not have to put off your affairs, you just need to call our company and we will provide you with all the existing professional moving services.

We offer a wide range of moving company services, as our main task is to ensure the comfort of our customers. With years of experience, we try to accommodate the needs and wishes of each customer. As “Virginia Movers” understands that every move is different, we are attentive to the nuances of each of them and listen to the wishes of the client, making every effort to provide the necessary professional moving service.

Virginia movers” provide only professional moving services

Here you can get a full range of affordable moving services  without doubting about their quality and efficiency of our employees’ work.

Our moving company “Virginia Movers”provides any relocation for juridical persons and individuals. Our goal is not just to move an apartment or office, but to find the best solution to the problem posed by the client.

We provide such moving services as:

  • Residential Moving
  • Corporate Moving
  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Interstate moving

Our company’s policy is a clear plan for best moving service, liability, a detailed consultation, a highly qualified staff, and a reasonable moving service cost. That is why, most of our customers come back to us again and come on the recommendations. “Virginia Movers”is a professional team of people specializing in the relocation of any complexity.

Additional moving Services

The company “Virginia Movers” provides a full range of additional services for the transportation of cargo alongside with main moving services.

They are:

  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Moving Protection
  • Moving and Storage Services
  • Moving insurance

We try to get you rid of all the problems connected with relocation. It is always better to let the professionals fulfill such a responsible process of transportation of furniture, as well as personal belongings or household appliances.

Specialists, dealing with moving every day, have extensive experience in this field and know how to deal with the problem quickly, efficiently and safely. “Virginia Movers” guarantees the safety of your property, because the main principle of our work is commitment to our customers for the quality of assigned work. We will also provide you with the storage and insurance services.

In order to ensure the optimal conditions for loading, transportation and delivery of your property, our cars are equipped with all materials (cardboard, foamfixing belts) for the successful transportation of your goods!

When the design of the item is not suitable for transportation, we offer disassembly/assembly of furniture or other goods. We guarantee the accuracy and precision in the process of assembly and disassembly of your property, and ensure you that even the smallest detail of the furniture won’t be lost or damaged.

Moving service: piano transportation

We provide transportation services of pianos, grand pianos and other sensitive musical instruments that are heavy. Our trained loaders with their considerable experience will make transportation of your instruments in the desired destination. With the help of special devices, we’ll move your piano in all possible situations.

You will certainly ask: how much does a moving service cost? We offer you many years of experience at reasonable prices. With our knowledge you can be sure that your valuable instrument is in safe hands. We do not advise to transportat the piano yourself, if you care about the instrument! For gentle piano transportation we use specially made vans.

Why should you choose our professional moving services

There are many moving companies in this market nowadays. Some of them attract the customers with cheap moving services, others offer a particular free moving service, but you must always remember that good quality can’t be cheap or free. You should analyze other factors to make the right choice of the moving company.

What distinguishes “Virginia Movers” from the others? Our three main characteristics:

  • Integrated approach. We provide you with a complete package of services necessary for a quality and affordable move.  You have a possibility to get some of the discount moving services or even free moving services with us too. We will provide you with all the details and nuances, based on our experience.
  • Innovation. We’re now watching the changes, so we try to improve our service and work in accordance with the latest global trends.
  • Professionalism. We have gained valuable skills and experience implementing removals of varying complexity, and can ensure you that you trust the professionals.

With “Virginia Movers” you do not need to do anything during your move. Experienced movers will make the whole process for you!

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