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Everyone at least once in his/her life has to move somewhere. Once the excitement of moving to a new place evaporates, the unpleasant thoughts about moving immediately raise in your head.

Usually the move goes like this: a week before the day of removal you begin looking for any boxes you can find, lovingly put all the things in neat piles. By the end of the week all the apartment is filled with boxes, but the amount of unpacked things somehow does not become less. Oh, on the last night before the move you put everything you see in one box: a pan and accidentally left shoes,a  hammer and a wall clock. The thought of subsequent unpacking frightens you even more.

The next step is transport of all this into a new place. If the transportation process is relatively easy, loading and unloading of all acquired property is simply frightening. Of course, you can call all your relatives and friends to help you with the move. But is it worth offering them to carry 200-pound piano to your new apartment in order to save a few thousand on moving companies dc services?

The eternal debate between price and quality of the removals services exists even now. The principle of work of professional moving companies in Washington DC is completely different – such moving Washington DC is probably not so fast and more expensive, but definitely of a better quality.

Typically, Washington DC moving companies have specially trained people who come to your apartment or office and evaluate all future relocation costs. On the basis of such a meeting a contract is signed, where all the stages of the removal with a clear indication of the time and cost of the work are mentioned. In this case, the final price will not change.

But, of course, primarily for every client at the conclusion of such a contract is the question of his things’ safety. Therefore, many moving companies in dc take full responsibility for the delivery of your property intact. Sometimes, especially when transporting valuable items, moving company in Washington DC make out insurance on such goods.

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“Virginia Movers” – the best Washington dc moving company

Not all moving companies in Washington DC focus on the quality of services due to their inability to ensure qualified personnel. The staff in cheap moving companies dc is always unstable, and therefore, they are not trained to work in difficult conditions. And in the case of a large order to move, which would require a large number of reliable, proven employees, the risk of damage, injury and loss of client’s property increases. Therefore, Washington DC moving company “Virginia Movers” has a permanent team of loaders or they should be called universal workers, as their duties are not limited to furniture moving.

Another thing that distinguishes us from others is the quality of our services. We often call our customers after the move to know whether the customer is satisfied with the services provided and ask them to leave moving company reviews dc.

“Virginia Movers” moving company dc believes that the main of the business success is satisfied customers. After all, the golden rule of any service industry – work well, guarantee quality, pay attention to details – and you will be a success.

List of moving companies in Washington DC

Here is list of moving companies in Washington DC. Choose the best company for your moving and get free moving quotes.

  • 495 Movers Inc.
  • Mashav Relocation LLC
  • Excalibur Moving And Storage
  • JV Movers, LLC
  • Great Nation Van Lines
  • Red Lines Van Lines
  • BookStore Movers
  • Our Guys Around Town Movers
  • Route 66 Van Lines
  • Fairfax Transfer & Storage

Apartment moving with the best moving company dc

As it is known, apartment moving takes a lot of efforts, energy, time and money. Those who have previously experienced this know that it is impossible to realize it alone. So, you may apply to the company “Virginia Movers” at any time, as they are professionals in the field and one of the best moving companies dc. We are ready to provide you with relocation of any complexity, regardless of the size at any moment, and we’ll do it quickly, efficiently, professionally, and without any extra cost.

We possess great skills that help us find a simple solution to any problem that can appear while on the move. We own all the equipment that may be needed during the moving, and are always ready to give it to you.

“Virginia Movers” moving company in Washington DC has a large array of vehicles, various trucks and vans that are ready to transport you. Moving an apartment means the transport of a large number of different furniture, household appliances, utensils, etc.

We are ready to offer you a wide range of services related to the room moving:

  • Appraiser’s services (a few days before the date of the move our expert-appraiser will come to your house, inspect all the transported property, examine the doorways, as well as calculate the approximate amount of packaging materials);
  • Loading Services (on the appointed day, at a specified time, the vehicle and the loaders will be at the specified address; first, they will disassemble the furniture if necessary, pack and label all the transported things, then load the vehicles and unload them at the place of destination, place the furniture, unpack the items, etc.);
  • Transportation (all your things that have been loaded into the back of a truck will be put carefully and wisely, will be fixed motionless, in order to avoid any movement of things in the body during the transport);
  • Cleaning after moving (after all the problems associated with loading, packaging, assembly of furniture, its arrangement will be finished, our loaders will clean up all the debris, which appears as a consequence of transportation).

Office moving with “Virginia Movers” moving company dc is fast and cheap!

Moving office differs from other modes of removal. Its feature is determined by the volume of transported property. To carry out office move independently, is almost impossible, because it needs a lot of manpower, a suitable vehicle, and specialists who can organize the moving for the shortest period of time.

A particular difficulty is the number of office furniture, the presence of the archives, as well as the equipment. All this requires packing, sorting and labeling without which arranging the things in a new place can take a week, in the worst case – it may even take a month.

If you need to organize the office relocation, just contact us for help! Our best moving company dc can organize the moving promptly and competently for a considerable price. With many years of experience in performing such work in this field, we are ready to move your office quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, without any loss and damage. Our company has available trucks of any size and capacity. Our drivers and loaders have been taken some training, and only after that they are allowed to work. All of them are ready to perform your office moving of any complexity easily.

“Virginia Movers” moving company in dc provides such services as:

  • The service of the manager to assess the scope of work;
  • The vehicles to carry out the cargo transportation;
  • Loading services;
  • Installation of equipment, dismantling;
  • Packing of furniture items;
  • Assembly, disassembly of furniture;
  • Cleaning after moving;
  • A full range of packaging materials;
  • Furniture arrangement.

Piano transportation with the best moving company dc

The existing opinion that the professionalism of each loader can be assessed by how many pianos he moved is quite right. It is considered that the transport of pianos is so complex that only experienced and physically strong loaders can do it in the best possible way, i.e. to carry the piano quickly and accurately. Take into account not only the solidity and weight of the instrument and imagine, what can be more difficult and inconvenient than carrying a piano on the belts?

The high cost and risk of damage the cover of the piano requires from the loaders to be cautious and careful while handling and transport. Transportation of pianos requires a very clear and coherent action of the loaders. After all, it is absolutely necessary to keep the whole process and the situation under control. Unprofessional work may lead to the most tragic consequences, to scratches and damage of the outer coating of the piano, the breaking of the internal filling of polysyllabic design and resonating surfaces.

For such a difficult task as pianos transport Washington DC moving company “Virginia Movers” specially selects a team of loaders that can produce a neat and careful transfer of the items up to 1 ton.

Special tape and corrugated cardboard is one of those packaging materials which are used by our loaders when moving the pianos. This method of packaging helps to avoid damage of the musical instrument, both external and internal ones.

Using our services, pianos moving will be held for you discreetly and seamlessly, because all the work will be carried out by qualified personnel, who have extensive experience and can carry the piano of any weight quickly, efficiently and accurately. In addition to transport the pianos in your city, we also practice the interstate piano transportation.

Our company is liable to the customers for a full value and safety of their instrument entrusted to us. Your favorite instrument will continue to delight you with its clear sound and flawless beauty, because it was transported by our team of professionals!

Antiques transportation by “Virginia Movers” moving company in dc

The main component of a successful transportation of heavy vintage things is a correct and very careful packaging. For the packaging of antique furniture we use special materials – a very reliable and of a high quality. They will protect the surface of the furniture and minimize the risk of breakage.

Accuracy is the main characteristics for our loaders. The most experienced and professional staff is engaged in antiques moving in our company. The loaders will act carefully, and the driver chooses the best route.

In a specially equipped car the furniture will be fastened securely, that will protect it against possible damage.

There are a lot of transport companies providing moving office services. And all of them speak about their professionalism and insist that they are the best. But this is all just before the start of the move. Our moving company in dc has a friendly staff that is happy to do their job. If you order your office moving with us, you’ll get the whole range of services at relatively small prices. We are able to perform the removal of any complexity quickly, carefully and accurately.

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