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Corporate Moving Companies

A few years ago mainly concerns only sent abroad their employees for a definite period under an employment contract. Now, more and more medium-sized enterprises around the world send their experts to implement certain projects.

Large companies usually have a special department of personnel caring for the individual needs of employees, including legal issues, insurance coverage, as well as cultural and religious destination.

As middling enterprises often do not have such special departments of personnel, they use corporate moving companies to send personnel abroad.

The problem of corporate moving is to arrange a new life and environment of the employee and his family as comfortable as possible, so that he/she can concentrate on his/her immediate task from the very beginning. Timely involving corporate moving company, i.e. at the planning stage of sending an employee, the company saves a lot of money. Depending on the country of destination, the period of planning and organization, involving the local relocation company, and in fact the beginning of work, it can be up to 1 year. Experience shows that the average period is 6 months. The company is well consulted if it cares not only about its employees but also for his family. Many attempts to send the employee abroad fail, because the living conditions of the family abroad involve great difficulties for everyone.

“Virginia Movers” provide corporate relocation services

Approach to every client in the “Virginia Movers” is individual. We assign a specialist who will help in everything. From the beginning our client will receive professional advice and resolve any doubts arising from professional assistance in choosing a property to signing the agreement in the presence of a notary.

Our experience allows us to transfer our clients a clear vision of the future development of each operation, avoiding a formal approach to the work based only on signed contracts.

Our team consists of experts in international relations, trained professionals who have been involved in major transactions that allowed them to be recognized as specialists in this niche of the market.

Financial companies cooperating with us from the first day, will provide expert financial assistance through all available issues.

We provide support activities related to searching for the right bank, where you can open a new account. We provide our customers with the most comprehensive list of available housing, sports clubs and centers. We are familiar with the various associations and companies, which may be of particular interest.

“Virginia Movers”: Corporate Relocation Benefits

“Virginia Movers” saves time and money, as well as HR services, taking the lead in organizing all activities to move people from home to an unfamiliar country.

Company “Virginia Movers” is characterized as follows:

  • Individual approach and impartiality in the selection of housing for the client, as well as the full independence of the database of rental housing at the market, distinguishes the consulting work for the “relocation” of the real estate companies.
  • Customer focus and time-saving, and most importantly – the constant availability and professional assistance in all matters – from simple household to legally complex.
  • Working with a single traveler and with large families, we have gained professional experience in the approach to the solution of human problems by signing the appropriate legal documents to the localization of small household problems.

Corporate moving services provided

“Virginia Movers” provides corporate moving services for international carriage on a “door to door” principle to people who decide to change their place of residence and move to another country in the state of Virginia and Washington DC.

Competitive prices, years of experience, dedication and individual approach to clients who require quality and high level of corporate moving service – these are our main advantages, and we attach great importance to them. Our contractors and agents serve us and our customers for over thirty years.

We do not disclose their professional secrets in the field of packaging and international transportation of goods, but our customers are able to appreciate and feel the benefits that they provide.

We also offer:

  • Free shipping of packaging materials
  • Professional packing things at client’s home (from one unit to full container of the load)
  • Registration of accompanying documentation and insurance
  • Transportation by land or shipping by sea or air
  • Preparation of customs forms and payment of customs duties at the destination
  • Acceptance of the goods at the port of destination, delivery and unpacking in your new home
  • If necessary – storage of goods

Take the advantages of corporate moving with us

The company carries out a comprehensive series of works at the highest professional level, from drawing up the plan and the concept of moving up to the next move with the supply of the necessary packaging material.

The competitive advantages of our company are a professional team of effective managers and packers, flexible pricing, fixed cost of travel in the contract, payment after the work.

The corporate culture of our company includes the highest standards of conduct for all our staff and more responsibility for their work.

We take full responsibility for the safety of the property of the client. We have liability insurance policy.

Our goal is to carry out transfers with the highest quality in the shortest time.

“Virginia Movers” are understandable professionals who enjoy sharing their experience with you and help you to settle in a new place with minimal cost.

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