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Moving and packing tips and tricks

Moving and packing tips

If you need to move to another place of residence, change the working office, to take things to the country, it is necessary to properly pack them before transport. Careful organization of the move will help its successful fulfillment.

In any business there are professional subtleties and nuances, and they greatly influence the entirely favorable process of the event and its positive outcome. In a rush, which always accompanies the move, some things can be missed or forgotten altogether. Ineptly organized move can lead to the fact that it will drag on for a long time.

Improper packing of fragile items and valuables will  damage them during transport and loading. If you poorly pack the things in the back of the car, you risk to deliver broken dishes, monitors, a crushed piano, a damaged refrigerator or a washing machine to a new place of residence.

When you have a long-distance move, it is best to rely on professionals from the moving company, as they are aware of numerous moving packing tips and tricks. You can certainly cope with this problem on your own, depending on how soon you are going to move, how many and what things you need to deliver if you read our tips on packing for a move.

Moving tips for packing and labeling

Years of experience in the sphere of moving prompted the company “Virginia Movers” some of the tips for packing and moving, and we are ready to share these moving tips for packing with you.

If you follow some simple moving and packing tips, the removal will take place as easily and comfortably as possible:

  • It is necessary to choose the right package for the things.
  • Huge packaging box is not suitable for the simple reason that the things will move their and this will damage the valuables.
  • Containers should not be small so that items do not protrude from them, because this will damage them too.
  • Do not overload the box, otherwise it diverges at the seams.
  • Choose the boxes of corrugated board, as they are the most durable.
  • Inside the package you must put the gasket material from old newspapers, foam, cloth or other materials.
  • It is also desirable to lay the things with fixing material inside the package.
  • To close the boxes and avoid their arbitrary opening while driving, wrap the box well with a wide sticky tape.
  • If the box is not strong enough, it can be covered with a sticky tape for durability.
  • Hitters and fragile things need to be packed in a single package.
  • Such boxes should be obligatory labeled: “Caution! Fragile items.
  • Fragile items should not touch each other and should not be put on the bottom of the box.
  • If you are transporting containers with liquids, then plug their lids densely.
  • Containers with liquids should be wrapped into a waterproof material.
  • Loose and odorous substances must be packed in plastic bags so that they do not pour out and this box must be kept tightly closed.
  • Each box must be numbered with a label what it has.

Moving Packing Tips: Useful packaging materials

Here are some more valuable packing and moving tips  as to the high-quality packaging items. You should prepare:

  • Packaging materials;
  • Markers;
  • Sticky tapes, ropes;
  • Cardboard boxes;
  • Sealed plastic bags;
  • Screwdrivers.

You cannot pack fragile items yuorself, as well as books, clothes and underwear, shoes. Leave packing fragile items and furniture to professionals.

Here are some more interesting moving packing tips that you may follow or not, but our duty is to give you as many packing for a move tips as possible to easy your removal. In the process of preparation you will be grateful to us for all our packing for moving tips. So here are the most vital tips for packing to move.

  • It is better to pack memorable and very valuable things in person and then transport them taking in your own car or hand luggage.
  • Pack all the documents, passports, keys, credit cards, jewelry, drugs, cash separately. And they must be transported independently.
  • A moving company to which you refer can help you choose the right packaging material for every particular group of objects( if you don’t want to follow our packing tips for moving on this matter), because they have all the necessary packaging that is best suited for the removal. Special packaging material has the necessary strength, and this is important when transporting things.
  • When you pack your clothes, make sure you have a plenty of bags and boxes, because things are less deformed during transport, when they are packaged freely.
  • Such items as crockery suffers greatly when traveling, so do not begrudge the packaging material. Bubble tape can help you to preserve the integrity of objects. You can also use towels, pillows and small soft things.
  • Do not put utensils, foods with detergents and household cleaning products in the same package.
  • Before leaving, put the box with fragile objects in a separate location.
  • Before packing the computer it is better to save all the important and relevant information on the backup media.
  • Remove the food from the freezer and refrigerator and defrost them. It must be done at least one day before the planned relocation.

The sequence of packaging things according to our moving packing tips

The last category of our packing to move tips will deal with the sequence of packing things.

  • Start with the furthest corners, mezzanines and cabinets, because in these places people usually keep many things that they do not use or, use very rarely. Think carefully about whether you want to carry all the stuff to a new location, maybe it’s time to throw out something or give away.
  • Blankets, pillows, mattresses, tulle and curtains, as well as seasonal clothes should be packed in large plastic bags. Good clothes can be put into travel bags and suitcases. Clothes, which shouldn’t be creased, can be carried on the shoulders.

Once the basic things are packed, begin to pack cooking utensils. This is done on the eve of the departure.

  • Divide all the dishes on the fragile and solid. Put these items in different packing materials and boxes.
  • Mirrors, various glass doors and shelves should be packed in thick cardboard and secured with a sticky tape.
  • Dismantle the necessary furniture if it does not pass into the fold of the elevator and door openings. Put all the nuts, screws, knobs, etc. in a separate box or bag, so as not to lose them. Accessories from different furniture sets put in individual bags.
  • External decorations and handles on the doors of the furniture should be removed to prevent damaging during transportation. Parts and panels should be signed, not to be confused later.

By following these simple tips for packing to move, you can easily and quickly get ready for the move, which will be successful and complete safe for your property.

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