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Additional Services

We know how to make your moving easy, affordable, enjoyable and quality because our company "Virginia Movers" is well known in the market of moving services as a reliable and professional company.

We are well aware of all the difficulties associated with moving to a new house or a new office, and we are pleased to make these difficulties unnoticeable for you.

For several years, our team has become a reliable company of professionals whose work is directed to the benefits of all its customers. Eventually, the moving can affect anyone, and not everyone is ready to cope with this task. "Virginia Movers" is ​​a worthy representative of the scope of services associated with the removal. Within a few years of our work we have studied all the subtleties and nuances of such a large-scale event as moving to a new location.

We are pleased to offer you a rich list of what we can do. Our competence includes an office and apartment moving, long-distance and local moving, interstate and national moving, military and government moving.

We are also ready to offer our customers some of the additional services, such as:

  • Packing and Unpacking

To pack everything correctly, is one of the main challenges when moving. After all, the wrong packaging can cause damage to your property. Can you efficiently and securely pack fragile items, dismantle and transport your furniture and much more? Accurate and reliable packing things, unpacking, cleaning and removal of packaging materials can be done correctly, quickly and professionally if you order this service in "Virginia Movers". Our company bears full financial responsibility for the transported property if we do the packing. The security of your property is our challenge!

  • Moving and Storage

During the relocation there are occasions when some pieces of furniture and interior can be put nowhere. In this case, part of the property you can put in a temporary storage at our warehouse, where the necessary conditions for the safe custody of furniture, electronics and other things are observed. Everything is specially packed before storing, which protects it from mechanical damage, cracks, moisture, etc. Call our company, and you do not have to worry about the integrity of your property.

  • Service Packages

Our company guarantees the customer a quick moving without problems. Our professional workers, experienced loaders, special equipment, packaging materials, proper organization of preparatory work – will help minimize your inconvenience that arise when moving. We offer you two packages of services: standard service package and full service package.

Full services package is in a great demand. This service includes preparation (dismantling of equipment or furniture, if necessary), packing, delivery, installation, placement and cleaning of the room where the work was carried out. It also includes the basic moving insurance of the transported property.

We just agree with the customer the work plan, which includes all the stages of moving: we define the scope of work, transport, packaging materials and begin our job. Our task is to take care of all the arrangements for the move and after the move!

In the standard package, it’s up to you what services to order.

  • Moving Insurance

Moving, as you know, is equal to two fires … So if you do not want to lose something, things must be insured before the transportation. We understand this in "Virginia Movers” that is why we are liable for your property and offer the service of moving insurance.

Any moving is the event, when it is difficult to predict all the difficulties that may appear. However, trusting your removal to our experienced company, you can greatly reduce your risks.

There is no problem, which could not handle the professional staff of our company.

Providing quality service, we do not only take care of your things, but also about your time!

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