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If you need to perform a moving, our company “Virginia Movers”  will take care of all the tasks associated with the transport of your goods.

One of the best moving companies in Portsmouth “Virginia Movers”: is ready to offer you its services connected with the removal: furniture transportation, apartment moving and office moving. Our company is pleased to provide you with specialized transport of different carrying capacity according to your requirements.

The company “Virginia Movers” is ready to provide you with any required number of professional movers at any convenient for you time. “Virginia Movers” offers the loaders performing handling, lifting services of the oversized cargo to the necessary floor, assembly and disassembly of furniture, packaging of furniture, piano’s transport.

Our company’s vehicles are always in a perfect technical condition and our trucks are equipped with the company’s fitting material that allows you to carry different belongings, furniture, household appliances and other goods intact. The entire array of the company “Virginia Movers” is equipped with GPS tracking that allows you to control the movement of vehicles in the performance your removal.

Thanks to the practical experience gained while working in this sphere, we are able to find the best transport for your moving and provide the necessary number of qualified movers who have extensive experience in cargo transportation and moving of all kinds. Check our prices for trucking and make sure that the “Virginia Movers” is the right choice for long-term cooperation.

“Virginia Movers” has invaluable experience in transportation of heavy objects. We can easily perform such operations as: transport of pianos, transportation of safes, ATM transport, and transportation of machines. We guarantee our customers the highest level of impeccable services in heavy loads’ transportation.

“Virginia Movers” piano movers in Portsmouth

Transportation of pianos is a very serious and responsible work that requires professionalism.

Transportation of pianos and other musical instruments should be done by qualified loaders that have special belts and packing materials for gentle descent and ascent of musical instruments on the stairs. Special vehicles used for piano transportation have a special system of fasteners in the back of the truck.

In order to avoid bumps and crashes, the musical instrument is secured in the back of the truck. The company “Virginia Movers” is a professional company specializing in piano moving in Portsmouth over the years. Our company has performed hundreds of musical instruments’ moving, our employees are considered to be professionals with certainty in this case.

We offer packing boxes in Portsmouth

The main task for any home or office relocation is transport of furniture, appliances, personal belongings safe and sound. In this case, the use of packaging materials to protect your property from any damage is quite obligatory. To date, there are different types of packing boxes: box in which you can fold almost anything, corrugated cardboard, stretch tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and many other materials can protect your property from damage.

It is not difficult to purchase packing materials, but you should consider whether you can independently and properly pack your furniture. You can ask professionals for help, and the company “Virginia Movers”  will provide you with the necessary packaging material, professional employees will pack the furniture, belongings, household appliances, so as to transport them to the new location safely.

“Virginia Movers” always guarantees high quality and is responsible for the work performed.

List of moving companies in Portsmouth

Here is list of moving companies in Portsmouth VA. Choose the best company for your moving and get free moving quotes.

  • Hampton Roads Moving & Storage
  • Hercules Moving
  • Dunmar Moving Systems
  • Brooks Transfer & Storage Co Inc.
  • Franklin Moving Company LLC
  • Virginia Transfer & Storage Co
  • Master Movers Inc.
  • Accent Relocation Services Inc.
  • Academy Van & Storage Co Inc.
  • OK Moving & Storage Company Inc.

Professional loaders

Loaders’ services are very useful in moving the housing and office. The company “Virginia Movers” conducts a careful selection of employees, and that’s why the company employs only qualified personnel, for whom housing or office relocation is a familiar and usual thing.

Qualified employees of our company will professionally organize and efficiently fulfill your removal or office relocation. Due to the great practical experience gained over many years in the trucking and moving, our staff will select the appropriate on-duty and capacity furniture car for your move, hold accurate assembly and disassembly of your furniture, carefully pack the furniture, personal belongings, household appliances and fragile items, gently place your property in specially equipped vehicles, hold the subsequent unpacking of your property, place the furniture and household appliances at your request.

“Virginia Movers” provides transportation of furniture services for many years, during this time we know about the transport of furniture everything. Experienced movers of our company will deliver the furniture without any problems, will take care of it on the stairs, will pack it, disassemble and assemble it a new apartment.

Let your move be easy with “Virginia Movers”. Also you can find moving companies in Manassas.

Contact “VA Movers” for your moving

You removal can be performed at any time of the day, including weekends and public holidays. Experienced employees of the company “Virginia Movers” will answer all your questions and make every effort to ensure that your journey is carried out comfortably.

You can order our services on our website or call us by phone. Experienced manager of our company will tell you the final cost of the service. Your property is delivered to the designated address, entered in the house or on the floor and is installed at your location. Only then the delivery is considered successful.

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