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Some people compare moving to floods, others to a fire. For moving companies Fairfax VA it is a daily routine that they perform flawlessly for years. If you want to place an order for your removal, call movers Fairfax VA or visit the office of moving companies in fairfax va in person, where you can agree the date and time of the move, notify the presence of bulky and heavy objects and execute the necessary documents. Subsequently, your participation in the moving is optional. Your moving will not take much time if the work is done by movers in Fairfax VA. Also you can find moving companies in Lynchburg here.

“Virginia Movers”: Top rated moving company Fairfax VA

The employees of the moving Fairfax VA company “Virginia Movers” will determine and provide the optimum number and type of vehicles required for the loading of your property. The vehicles are designed to prevent all the possible effects. Dismantling of furniture and various equipment is our responsibility. As a rule, in order to ensure the safety of the property, all the items are packaged and mounted on the vehicles in accordance with proven technological schemes. Packaging materials and containers are provided by the Fairfax VA movers. Professional loaders carry out loading and unloading operations quickly and efficiently without the noise and emotional support. Possible confusion with the placement of the transported goods is avoided by pre-labeling them. We guarantee the safety of your things. “Virginia Movers” moving company in Fairfax VA employs only professional drivers with the appropriate driver category. They know the city and are quite confident in any driving situation.

Do you want some more guarantees of the safety of your cargo? We can offer you its insurance coverage. Your moving with the participation of movers does not end after unloading. As an additional service, we can offer furniture assembly, its installation and connection of home or office appliances and devices. In short, we are working with modern technology, known as a "turnkey". You have just to order our moving services and pay for them. Our tariffs are more than attractive. Take advantage of our services, and no doubt, your moving will seem to you a commonplace event.

How to move: with movers or on your own?

The coming office relocation and the rapid development of the market of removal services often confronts CEOs with a simple question: whom to entrust the transportation- to movers in Fairfax VA with its loaders or to do everything yourself?

Typically, the goal is often one – to save on moving with your own employees instead of professional movers.

However, as practice shows, the savings in such case often leads to damage of furniture, property, loss of important documents and other troubles.

In this connection, it is desirable to entrust the office relocation to professional movers in Fairfax Virginia, such as our company "Virginia Movers".

We know that the office relocation should take place so that the work of the office is not interrupted for the shortest possible time, or at all, the moving should not affect the working process of the company in any way.

To do this, it will be enough to organize office relocation on weekends (under the condition that the number of jobs in the company’s office is not so great).

In any case, we work 24 hours a day, so we able to organize fast moving of your office from one address to another.

The stages of office relocation with “VA Movers”

If you want your office removal pass quickly, call our expert manager.

At the appointed time, the manager will come to your office to plan a full office relocation, he will calculate the required number of loaders, specially equipped vehicles for office transportation, will help to determine the type and amount of packaging materials for packing of office equipment, documents, furniture and sign a contract to perform services of the office moving.

On the agreed date, our loaders will hold office relocation, which will include: placing of furniture, office equipment under the contract, or the established plan, and accumulated debris from the moving will be removed by our loaders. Moving to a new office is finished.

Your office is ready for full operation.

List of moving companies in Fairfax

Here is list of moving companies in Fairfax. Choose the best company for your moving and get free moving quotes.

  • Route 66 Van Lines
  • Fairfax Transfer & Storage
  • Beltway Movers
  • Carmack Moving & Storage Inc.
  • Quality Services Moving

Moving with “Virginia Movers” is quickly and easily

Our company operates in such a way that our customers speak about our work exclusively positively. Whether it’s an apartment moving, office moving, or other work – we are ready to guarantee efficiency, reliability and maximum performance. In the course of working with us, you will not be in a situation when the initial price for the service will not coincide with the end. We employ only qualified personnel. We always offer flexible payment terms and discounts. Our strong point is office relocation. In terms of complexity, it is more time-consuming than the housing, and it requires a responsible approach because it is necessary to move not only furniture, but also office equipment – computers, small phones, printers, and plotters.

Our company is ready to make the office moving of varying complexity. Our company has specially equipped cars designed for transporting of large equipment and furniture. Great choice of packaging materials and rigging equipment (bubble wrap, cardboard boxes) allows us to easily carry the property even in the absence of the elevators in buildings! We are ready to provide you with the property insurance to protect your things in the event of force majeure. With us, office moving is possible in short time and inexpensively.

Furniture transportation by Fairfax movers

We offer an extensive array of trucks that are adapted for the transport of household or office items and furniture. Special transport fixtures and trim provide a secure fit and preservation of your furniture for the entire journey. The delivery of furniture is performed in an upright position in accordance with the rules of transportation of goods.

A thorough cleaning of the cars after each removal helps to keep clean the property of the customer. To avoid damage of the furniture, all our employees are adequately trained, have extensive experience, know the rules of the assembly and disassembly of furniture; they are able to pack and unpack the property, arrange the furniture in full compliance with the recommendations of the customer.

Our specialists will connect the dishwasher, washing machine, unpack and then will put in an apartment furnished in a full compliance with the customer’s specifications. Great experience in organizing complex business and household removals allows the company “Virginia Movers” regularly propose to expand the range of services to help ensure their continued quality and efficiency of implementation.

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