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Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving is a troublesome and time-consuming process. Therefore, while choosing the best long distance moving company, you should choose an experienced and well-established long distance moving company that provides a wide variety of transportation, logistics and, most importantly, long distance moving services rather than specializing exclusively in such services as local transportation of personal property. If you plan a long distance removal for permanent residence, your belongings should be carried out with maximum operational efficiency and better logistics schemes so that cost of long distance moving remains within the scheduled budget.

“Virginia Mover” provides services in long distance removals, registration of the required documents, storage and transportation of your property. It is worth noting that things for long distances are one of the main activities of our company, therefore, you can be sure that the transportation of your cargo will be performed at the highest level and at the most affordable long distance moving quotes.

Why “Virginia Mover” is trusted long distance movers

Thanks to our experience and professional staff, we guarantee that your relocation will be a pleasant procedure. All the necessary steps will be undertaken:

1. The specialist of our company will determine the parameters of your cargo, will plan the future transportation of your things.

He will propose you the most convenient route and the best mode of transportation:

  • The long distance transportation of personal belongings differs significantly in terms of cargo size in comparison with local moving. In the second case, the moving can be limited to ordinary vehicles, and long distance moving means the transportation of all the things without exception, and household goods container may be necessary.
  • Place of destination. We need to know what type of transportation is planned in order to calculate the optimal route.
  • Time. It is very important to know if you have any restrictions on the timing. This will influence the scheme of personal belongings’ delivery. For example, container’s transportation of household goods by sea will allow you to shorten your long distance moving cost, but the term of such transportation is slightly higher than transportation by air.

2. The specialist of our moving company conducts detailed consultations with you, explaining the key points of the move so that you can feel confident at all the stages of the move and will not worry about the personal baggage and long distance moving costs.

3. Transportation of things, as well as any cargo by long distance moving companies, requires documentary support. We will help to prepare all the documents which are required for the travel.

Our consultant will clearly and quickly sort out the list of documents and will provide maximum assistance in this process.

You can be sure that in cooperation with our company, you will not have any difficulties with papers connected with your move, as we have developed the scheme that proved its optimality and vitality.

Hire a professional moving company

On a determined day, our employees begin to carefully pack your things. We understand that contacting us you want to ensure maximum safety of your belongings during the move, so we pay as much attention to the process of packaging as to the remaining stages of the travel:

  • Long distance delivery of personal belongings involves the packaging of toys, clothes, shoes in specialized packaging material to protect things from damaging.
  • For particularly sensitive objects we use a thin wrapping paper.
  • Best long distance moving of household goods involves the use of special packaging for upholstered furniture, cabinet furniture, computers and technology. For valuable items, we use a separate package.
  • The piano is packed individually.

Our best moving company long distance carries out its work professionally and quality so that to keep all your things in integrity.

Property insurance is long distance moving service that you can also get from our company. The company “Virginia Mover” will take all the worries associated with this procedure.

Transportation of cars and another transport is carried out on an individual scheme.

Our long distance moving services

We will deliver your property to the specified address. All the work on the assembly of furniture, appliances is performed by our company, one of the best long distance movers. We also carry out the removal of packaging materials. As you can see, we take care of all the problems to justify your trust.

Transportation of personal belongings can be done by any of the most convenient schemes. At the moment, we are ready to offer you the following transportation schemes: from door to door, from door to the airport, from an airport to airport, and from the airport to the door. In addition, the moving company “Virginia Mover” can not only provide you with transportation but can also offer you the service of storing.

If you are not able to put things in your new home, they can be stored in one of the storages. In this case, you can be sure that, they will remain in integrity and will be in optimal humidity and temperature conditions, as well as during transportation of your household goods.

We are ready to offer you at your disposal:

  • an extensive and representative network of partnerships with leading logistics agencies;
  • the ability to use all modes of transport (the most comfortable on your route);
  • transportation of heavy and oversized cargo;
  • delivery of your property from “door to door“.

Get long distance moving quotes online

All the removals are performed by individual schemes and according to individual long distance moving quote, professionally and promptly. We carry out strict control at all the stages of every transportation. The quality of services and fair prices are our most important principles of work. You can make sure in this consulting the long distance moving quotes online.

Long distance moving is a professional sphere of our activity. Many years of experience helped us to create optimal schemes for transportation of household goods to ensure the safety of your cargo by partnering with the world’s top transporters, save you money by offering you the most balanced routes in terms of quality – price.

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