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How to pick a mover

How to pick a mover

The main thing when choosing a moving company is to choose a serious company, with qualified staff, solid array of vehicles, years of experience. But how to distinguish the true professionals from the amateurs who skillfully disguise to be the true masters? It is not so difficult to pick up movers: a professional mover has certain characteristics.

  • Warranty. After discussing all the details, a contract should be signed obligatory. And this is not just a formality. In case of doubt, this document will become your main guarantee. It also defines the terms, scope of work and additional conditions.

Be careful: If the company refuses to make a contract, consider whether or not trust your things to such a company.

  • Real time. It’s very difficult to establish clear terms of delivery in advance by telephone or email. They can be more or less accurately determined by the specialist when he visits you and the place of destination. Even if you think that you have little things, they must be packed, furniture must be dismantled and everything must be loaded. Even professional flat moving may take more than one day, not to mention the process of office removal when a large organization is moving.

Be careful: The first time you call the moving company, it immediately assures you that one day is quite enough for your move.

  • Related services. Reputable moving companies provide the services of package, assembly and disassembly of furniture; they are ready to transport bulky and fragile loads. Professional office relocation may include, if necessary, lifting work – for example, the transport of heavy safes.

Be careful: You were said that the things are only accepted in a packaged form, and the furniture should be dissembled. The representatives of the company will only load and carry things.

  • Work experience. As we know, everyone learns at his mistakes. If you do not want something happen during your move, choose a company with a solid period of activity in this market. Can you call the apartment or office relocation professional if the company is doing its first removal? Of course not! Choose the organization with the experience. Pay attention to its reputation, ask for reviews.

Be careful: If there are no reviews yet, the firm has opened recently.

Four features of a serious moving company

If you are going to entrust your office or apartment moving to real professionals, you will certainly face the problem of choice. And this choice will be difficult, because there are hundreds of advertisements where moving services are offered. So, among so many options how to pick a mover that is really serious and reliable?

  • Do not choose the company with the lowest prices. Cheap services and good quality are two quite different things that can’t be provided together. They will charge little, but won’t sign a contract with you and will not give you any guarantees. If something is broken or lost, then you will have nobody to complain. And the risk of damage of your property is great. After all, a random person has no skills, no special equipment for assembly and disassembly of furniture, rigging and lifting of the oversize cargoes.
  • A lot of cars. Choose a large company with a lot of cars. Reputable firms have vehicles of different sizes. And trucks are equipped in different ways. One car is suitable for transportation of the piano or the refrigerator, the other – to move a four room apartment.
  • Additional services. Companies that specialize in removals tend to offer a number of additional services. Experienced people who are busy with moving every day can competently and accurately produce all the services related to removal and willing to offer a full range of their services.
  • The permanent address and the phone. None of the moving companies or any other more or less decent organizations can exist without the address or the phone with the city number. If the contact has only a mobile number, it is an occasion to worry.

A good loader: how to pick up movers with good loaders

If you decided to seek the services of professional loaders during your office or apartment moving, of course, you want your things to be carried by the best, the most accurate and the most reliable specialists. But how to distinguish the ‘super-loaders’ from those who cannot be trusted your valuables? It’s very simple. A professional loader is always:

  • With recommendations from the company. It is not even discussed. Is it impossible to trust your things to people that do not work in a reputable company which guarantees the professionalism of its staff? Your belongings may suffer or can be even lost when they are transported by unprofessional loaders. Any decent firm will not recommend you unprofessional and unskilled employees.
  • Neat. Are you surprised? Yes, the work of a loader is dirty: dusty things, fresh paint after the repair, garbage collection after the move. Chances to stain your clothes and even break them are great. But neat people are neat in everything. If the specialist cares for his clothing, washes it, irons and repairs, then in the beginning of the working day he is neat and clean, and he will carry your property as carefully and conscientiously, as he cares about his image.
  • With the necessary tools. Experienced loaders will surely bring their tools with them to facilitate their work. At least a screwdriver and pliers- they may need to disassemble large items. By the way, a good specialist cannot only dismantle the furniture, but can also well-pack it and prepare it to move.
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