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Professional piano moving company

The applauses have barely subsided after the first piano concert, as the market has piano moving service.

Since then, much has changed and improved. The technique  of long distance piano moving has developed with tremendous pace over the past 100 years, which allows us today to simplify this challenge.

First of all you must always remember the most important thing -even with full theoretical knowledge on how to move the piano, there is a huge responsibility for the security associated with this process: on the part of those who fulfill this task and the instrument, which though is sometimes more expensive, but still not comparable to the cost of human health.

You need to know the weight of the piano which is going to be transported before the beginning of the process and to prepare the appropriate number of participants.

Small pianos are about 135 cm in length  and weigh an average of 225-270 kg.

Concert grand piano models are up to 275 cm and weigh about 450-550 kg, and sometimes even a ton!

For most pianos the reason for this weight is a cast iron frame, which is attached to the string.

Small pianos weigh only 135-180 kg because their cast-iron frame is smaller.

In fact, any piano higher than 120 cm is not the best option for self-carrying. Such heavy instruments should be moved by professionals and “Virginia Movers” is one of the pro piano movers that knows everything about piano moving.

Long distance piano moving

“Virginia Movers”, a piano moving company,  would like to offer you the most demanded service at the market – piano transportation.  We have tried our skills as long distance piano movers, national piano movers, piano movers interstate and local piano movers, and gained tremendous experience that speaks for itself.

Being one of the professional piano movers, “Virginia Movers” transports the pianos in specially-equipped vehicles with a team of loaders who previously underwent safety training in such activities.

For the full safety of the instrument we provide special packaging material that is necessary for thransportation.

Do not engage in independent actions, and do not try to carry the piano by yourself, it will damage your health, since the weight of the instruments starts from 200 kg. Order professionals piano moving services.

Only experienced piano mover knows the type of the piano that can be carried by two loaders and the types where more piano movers are required.

Peculiarities of piano moving service

The piano movers should be real experts in this business, as only professionals know that it is not necessary to move the piano using metal rollers on the ends of the legs. These rollers play rather a decorative role than give a practical benefit, since they can greatly damage your parquet, or laminate, or carpet, due to the overwhelming weight of the piano distributed into 2 or 3 tiny wheels!

Over  the time, as the piano stands in one place, the rollers may be damaged, and when you start pushing the piano trying to budge it, they can be jammed. The result is a broken leg of the piano. Do you need such consequences from cheap piano movers?

So, do not try to move the piano using the available devices on the instrument. National piano movers know that you will have to raise it all the same…

An important principle of piano movers

The maximum efficiency of the process is achieved not at the expense of the amount of loaders.

Even if you invite all your friends, neighbors and acquaintances to save the piano mover cost, it won’t help you to get the desired result without damaging the instrument. The main thing is that this must be physically strong men, and preferably of the same height.

Carrying the piano up and down is the most dangerous part of the moving. Even if the piano is raised or lowered by 1-2 steps, it can easily lose its balance and slip out of the hand causing terrible damage to human health, not to mention the damage to the instrument. Professional movers are quite aware of all these nuances and will eagerly cope with the task for a certain piano movers cost.

Transportation of pianos in a truck

Once you put up or down the stairs the piano as many times as necessary, you eventually need to load it into the vehicle, which will have to carry the instrument at a specified place. Here we need to take extra dexterity, skills and physical efforts. But if you order this service in a moving company, their vans are equipped with special platforms to lift or ramp, and if not, their professional loaders know what to do.

The instrument should be securely fixed in the vehicle. It is better to take the necessary measures than to admit mistakes. Just imagine the consequences if your piano starts to ride in the car on its own! So, the instrument should be tightly fasten.

When you arrive at your destination, you will need to perform the familiar procedures related to unloading, tilting, lifting, lowering and moving the piano.

Setting the piano in the room, it’s best to put on special caps on its rollers or simply put something solid under them to prevent the damage to the floor.

Yay! Your piano is transported! Sounds good, right?

The only question remained: how much do piano movers cost? Prices for this service and the detailes of any piano transportation are discussed separately with the manager in every particular case.

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