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Business Relocation without Losing Time and Money

Business Relocation without Losing Time and Money

It is said that the move can be compared to a fire, especially if you have to move in a limited time period. What you need to know and consider when preparing and organizing the move, what the nuances of the process should you pay attention to?

Sooner or later there comes a time when companies need to change the occupied premises and move the office. The reasons may be different for everyone: some may need expanding of their office, others are looking for a more comfortable working environment and improving of their general business image, and others move to their own office after renting one, and fourth have to look for a more economical option due to financial difficulties.

There is a huge responsibility resting on the coordinator of the office move. At first glance, the problem is not easy, especially when facing with it for the first time, and putting it all on your shoulders is not the best idea – try addressing moving company. But if you approach the matter in detail and without any fuss, the process of moving will be quick and without any loss. And you can even find there are some positive points, for example, getting rid of unnecessary things that you stored for years and which takes up too much space in the office. And the participation of all employees in a common effort will help to rally the team and raise corporate spirit.

Things to do in the first place?

The first step is to inform employees about the upcoming move. You can do this by gathering all the staff at the organizational meeting or a walk to each department and tell everyone, or just send a message by e-mail – all depends on the size of your company.

Making a tour to the new location would not be a bad idea. It will help rationally plan the placement of furniture and work places. And workers will be able to think in advance what transport to take to work.

Make sure to make a detailed schedule for your moving.

It is important to remember that the change of location of the office is a hindrance not only for the company itself and its employees, but also customers (partners).

Therefore, to make the discomfort of your move minimal, inform customers and partners about the new address, and it is desirable to send them a map of the new office.

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