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Cheer Up: Staying Optimistic While Moving

Cheer Up: Staying Optimistic While Moving

In case you have some experience in relocating the entire home with family, belongings and appliances, you already know how ‘exciting’ it is and how hard it is to keep sense of humor in the process. But in case you are planning the first moving in your life, besides romantic thoughts prepare for huge stress. But there is a way for you to ease the tension and make moving a much more pleasant experience – and it is staying optimistic and maintaining humorous attitude during the whole process. There are several ways you can keep the level of optimism high.

  • Look at the bright side

Everything depends on the angle you are looking at each situation, so instead of perceiving moving as a stressful thing you are made to go through by circumstances or other reasons try to think about it as about exciting experience that would bring you new friends and emotions, places to visit and things to do. Any problem issues will not disappear, of course, but the emotions you will have while solving them will for sure be more pleasant. So, before you go to sleep do not focus on bad things, but point out the good ways you solved the tasks – this will help you fall asleep easier and prepare for a new day.

  • Look for pleasant experiences

If you have chance – go spend time with your friends and have some fun. Even if you are moving far and most likely will be able to meet them a little oftener than once a year, it does not mean you cannot enjoy time in their company that’s left. If you have friends with kids, take your children with you – they need positive emotions even more than you do, as moving is pretty stressful for them as well.

  • Treat everything with humor

So what if you are short of packing paper in the middle of the night, or some of your boxes were taken to a wrong place? There is nothing that cannot be fixed, and while you are looking for the ways to do it, laugh at the situation and thank that everything didn’t turn even worse.

  • Look for funny things

To reduce the moving-related stress, try watching comedies with your family, turn on some tine music while you are packing stuff, and make pauses from time to time to gather your strength and cheer up with some sandwiches and good jokes.

  • Try organizing a moving party

And try to avoid rivers of tears and sad speeches – make it a pleasure for friends to help you move, or just spend a little more time with you. Depending on the stage of packing you are at, consider finding seating places and plates with glasses in case all your ordinary porcelain is already packed. Get some games and good music and relax from all the pressure you might be under.

  • Cheer up your movers

You know that good mood is contagious, right? Then why not try and amuse your movers on the Great Day? Be around, but don’t get in their way, and tell them couple jokes you’ve recently heard. If you are not very good at it, try putting cards with ones on the boxes – sounds silly, but someone who would carry heavy things for you would enjoy such small thing.
The Bottom Line

As mentioned, everything in your life depends on your perspective, so try to take it easy no matter what happens, and look at the positive things around you, and make sure your whole family is in the good mood on the ways to your new life.

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