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Clothes for moving

Clothes for moving

The most important thing while moving is not to forget about yourself in all that fuss about the removal. We mean that the consequences will be terrible if you try to load heavy boxes or suitcases in zoris and stub your toe on a heavy box. Certainly, you should keep the pathway free to move conveniently, but it is also important to think about the proper clothes for the removal.

Only convenient, close-toed shoes

While you are moving, anything can happen – you can drop something heavy, you can step on the sharp item, or run into the box corner. If you want to protect yourself from any of the misfortunes, it is better to prepare some convenient, close-toed shoes for the day of the removal.

More than that, you will have to wear these shoes for a long time, as the moving is not a very fast event, so be ready to handle the shoes for long.

Convenient clothes

There are people who like to wear the workout gear for any job. Some people feel quite comfortable in T-shirts and jeans. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing during the moving, it is important that you feel yourself comfortable in this clothing. If you are moving on your own, put on the clothes in which it won’t be difficult for you to bend your knees.

If you prefer wearing sweatpants and baggy tees, mind that extra material is easy to snag. In addition, don’t forget that you can easily damage or tear your clothing in the process of moving, so choose something that is not so dear to you.

Mind the weather

Any moving supposes some physical workout, so if you feel chilly as the door is open, put on layers that will be shed as you warm up. It is necessary to check the weather forecast before you are moving, so as not to pack the necessary items.

When it rains, put on a raincoat, on a sunny and hot day it is better to be dressed in shorts and a light shirt. Don’t forget to take some water if the day is really hot. A hat and sunglasses will also help you a lot!

Pockets are important

Pockets are really obligatory for carrying such important items as keys, a phone and a wallet.

It is good if the pockets are deep, you can even put a screwdriver in it, in case you need to disassemble something.

Make your hair

It is necessary to tie back your long hair if you don’t want to have the distracting strands on your face or to get caught on anything.

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