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How to move without the consequences on your relations

How to move without the consequences on your relations

The moving for a couple is a real trial of their relations and love. There are so many vital problems that should be discussed. Whether it is worth moving that neon beer light and hang it over the fireplace? Can we live without so many lava lamps?

And what if you are facing the problem of looking for a new place together? How about the budget and money in general?

The first word that should come to your mind and remain there forever if you want to keep your love and save your relations – is a compromise, and we are ready to provide you with several tips on how to move and save your love.

Make separate inventory lists

Each of you should compose his /her inventory list. After comparing them, get rid of the things that are superfluous. For sure, you do not need two fridges.

This list will also help you to analyze what things you require to live with this person.

Think about the feelings of your beloved person. Maybe, this broken tape recorder is dear to him, or this tablecloth is a present of your girlfriend’s grandma to her. Don’t insult someone’s feelings!

But be strict to yourself. When did you last use that hockey costume? When you were at school? It’s time to say goodbye to it.

Don’t share the new place

Don’t concentrate on the question that you are moving to his place or he is moving to your house. This is your new house, and you will live here together.

Best of all in this situation is to start your new life in a new place that you have found together. In such a case, there will be no discriminations, as the bath is full of cosmetics and the bedroom is the PlayStation ground.

Budget and makeovers.

To understand that you are not single any more, but a real couple, you should make one room together in a new home.

This will be your first project together. 

Various makeovers can bring a lot of fun, but it’s time to think about the common budget. It may be difficult to discuss this question with you, but you can’t do without this.

Justify everything before you move with someone, work out the budget together and try to keep to it.

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