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International movers and packers calculator

International movers and packers calculator

Quite troublesome and complicated process is waiting for you in the event of international moving. Moving companies that specialize not only in the transportation of property, but offer a range of related services carry out international transportation of personal belongings. When you move to another country, the transportation of goods should be carried out not just qualitatively, often it requires maximum efficiency. The mover should develop quality, competent logistics schemes to send things to another country without the effect on the original price that has been calculated by the international moving costs calculator and agreed with the client.

Companies, specializing in the transportation of personal belongings abroad, will help you with registration of necessary documents for customs clearance; they will either transport your cargo or organize the storage if needed. To ensure that you are not faced with difficulties in moving and transportation, we will tell you how it’s done.

First of all, during the change of the place of residence, you need to carefully choose the international movers and packers. Specialists will come to you and help you to identify the parameters of the future cargo, will plan all the details of its transportation, will determine the type of transport and trucking route.

For this, specialist will determine the amount of cargo. During the international transportation of personal belongings, the cargo volumes may vary significantly. If you move, you may need a container transportation, because you need to take everything, including major household appliances, and furniture. At the same time, in the case of transportation of personal effects, you can approach the use of road transport or joint cargo container transportation.

Terms of delivery play an important role. In some cases, transportation of personal belongings requires no hurry. Then moving company can use container transport by sea. This can save a considerable extent of means. At the same time, if the delivery of items to the destination should be implemented in the shortest period of time, the mover will need to use air transport. This significantly increases the cost of the service. Many professional companies offer international moving calculator on their websites for the customers to do the preliminary calculations beforehand.

In addition, a self-respecting company will help the client to prepare a variety of documents that will be required by the customs.

International moving: tips

We’ve picked up important international moving tips from experienced moving companies. Use these valuable pieces of advice when moving.

  • Coding

It is important to pack things by the room and ‘encode’ boxes with contents and number of the room in your new home. Give each room of your new house a certain number. Optionally, you can also make a detailed list of the contents of the boxes. Of course, it will take time, but in the end, it is much easier to search for things later.

  • Electronics

If possible, use the original boxes. Fill the box with packing paper, newspapers or cloth. Do not pack sharp objects together with the brittle. Make sure that the washing machine is turned off and empty, and the drum works in security mode for further transportation. To provide additional safety, deal with electrical tape the door of the defrosted fridge and make sure it is being transported in an upright position. The night before the move, set your freezer at maximum mode and close with blankets on the move. Even better: empty it before your move.

  • Breakables

Packing crockery requires special attention. The moving company has a special wrapping paper for transportation of your precious dinner service in the boxes. Silverware is wrapped in special paper. It is important to wrap every fragile item separately. You can pack fragile products together with products from the cloth. Mark the boxes with ‘caution, fragile items, glassware’. Heavier items such as plates must be at the very bottom of the box. Put fragile glass objects such as glasses and bottles upright. Pack flammable substances separately.

  • Heavy objects

We do not advise you to pack together too heavy and small items in one box. Place books on the bottom of the box, whereas lighter items upward to fill the space. Make sure that the box is not too heavy and use small boxes for heavier items. This will facilitate transportation and reduce the risk of damage to your belongings.

  • Clothing and carpets

Clothes can be packaged in special boxes for clothing. This is the best way to prevent wrinkles. Do not fold your rugs to avoid damaging them.

  • Curtains and lamps

You alone can remove the curtains and place them in the box. Disassemble the lamps and put them in the box. Pack tiny items with some caution.

  • Watches & paintings

When packing clock, pay attention to the pendulum. Let your professional mover pack large (vertical) clock. This is the best way to ensure their safe transportation.

  • Plants

Depending on the distance and duration of transport, you may also carry the plants. You can put small plants in boxes, and your mover will pack larger ones.

  • Cars and motorcycles

The fuel tank of the machine must be empty, while the battery is disconnected. When loading, always pay attention to the more vulnerable parts.

  • Valuable

Do not leave keys in wardrobes or desks – they can be lost. Make sure that the keys, money and checks are in your carry-on luggage. The same rule is applied to jewels and important documents. Other valuable items – you will need these things at the end of your moving. Make sure they are at your fingertips and you can get started right away in your new home.

The structure of international moving

Considering the detailed procedures for international moving, the following structure is observed:

Representative of the mover visits the customer to determine the scope and parameters of the moving. The need for additional precautions when moving is discussed, destination and transit time is stipulated. Depending on whether there is a time limit, the route will be developed, as well as the final cost may vary.

If you need to obtain permission to export art, the cultural value of it is examined to assess and necessary documents are prepared.

The next step is the packing of transported property. The company takes full responsibility for the safety of items during transport and prevents any of its consequences.

Due to the need of documentary support during international transportation, special papers are prepared.

The company draws up the insurance of transported property.

When transporting a car, a special transport scheme is developed.

The cargo is delivered to the destination, where furniture and appliances are assembled, as well as the packaging materials are removed.

As you can see, the choice of the moving company should be approached with the utmost seriousness. The final decision should be taken based on individual service, high quality transportation plan developed and, of course, from the ratio "price – quality".

International moving services

The services of the international moving include:

  • Preliminary estimation of the volume of transported property;
  • Consultation on the rules and regulations of transportation;
  • Search for the most optimal routing;
  • Provision with the necessary packaging materials;
  • Dismantling of furniture, equipment;
  • Packaging with special materials in accordance with international standards;
  • Loading of the vehicle;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Insurance of cargo;
  • The international transportation of goods;
  • Customs clearance at the destination;
  • Delivery of cargo to the address;
  • Unloading;
  • Unpacking of the cargo, assembling furniture / equipment;
  • Removal of used packaging materials.

As you can see, the process of international relocation involves a large number of steps. You can use the services of international movers to make the removal easy, entrusting them a complete organization of your moving.

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