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Moving Essentials: How to Pack Your Bathroom?

Moving Essentials: How to Pack Your Bathroom

Being one of the smallest rooms in the house, bathroom seems to be the most unlikely one to require any tips for moving. But you will be surprised by the amount of details you have to pay attention to when packing a bathroom, and following the tips below you will be able to make the moving process much faster and easier.

Pack essentials in a separate box

There can be lots of things you use every day in bathroom – shampoos and toothpastes, cosmetics and medicines.

In order not to look up for everything every time you need it, or not to stop showering until you are finally able to unpack in a new dwelling, pack these everyday things in separate sturdy box and make sure to have it around.

Brush through all the items

If there is an old towel you are fed up with, you don’t have to take it to a new home, and the same implies to half-empty bottles of conditioner and shampoo. Even though you might think you can always get rid of them in new home, this might cost you additional money.

Another essential thing to brush through is your medicines – get rid of everything that has changed the smell or consistency, and for sure all which has expiration date of two months or two years ago. Don’t worry if you find any forgotten jars and tubes with unreadable labels – you don’t really want to apply those without knowing, right? Plus, lots of medicines have a very short expiration period after they are opened, so in case you do not know what is it, you should not use it.

Check all packages

One of the keys to having no troubles with relocating your bathroom is making sure nothing is leaking – put every item in original package and put in sealing packages in order to be sure nothing would be spread in case the original package is broken.

If you are being over-paranoid, there is always a duck tape you can apply to feel safe.

Keep cleaning supplies separately

On the moving day you will need those, and unboxing stuff is not the best thing to do here.

Put the box with all the essentials and rags (which can be made out of old towels) in a place you can reach it in no time.

Be careful with fragile things

In case there are some delicate things in your bathroom, use bubble wrap and tape to pack them tight, and fill the empty spaces in a box between those valuable with packing peanuts or other soft material.

You can also use towels for lining up the boxes, and shower curtains can be placed at the top of boxes with heavy stuff.

Sort out garbage

We know, sometimes when you try to save every minute and it often results in putting medicines and chemicals in toilet or simple waste bins rather disposing such hazardous materials properly.

The Bottom Line

In case you have any questions, or if you don’t want to spend time packing your bathroom alone, you can always contact moving company and ask them about any issue you might have troubles with, as well as quotes – who knows, maybe the price for packing materials, your time and effort would be more than the cost of their services?

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