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Moving in Winter: Best or Worst Idea?

Moving in Winter: Best or Worst Idea

Despite most people think about relocating in winter, by choosing a cold period of the year to move, you might be doing a great thing. For sure, it may have some specific troubles (just like any other time of the year), but you will now learn everything you can expect, so you will be able to make your winter moving the pleasant way to have a clear new start.

What are the positives of moving in winter?

One of the most obvious pros for winter moving is the fact that it is a sort of ‘dead’ season for movers, which means you might be charge much less for the same services, which is always a big plus. And you will be able to choose the date you really like, and not the one that is not saved for someone else at the moment.

Very often, when moving company has too much work to do, they can hire inexperienced helpers, while in calm time you have less chances of your belongings being transported by someone who just graduated from high school and obtained a license a week ago.

Tips for Moving in Winter:

  • Provide moving trucks with enough parking space. Park your own car away, and take all the means to clean the yard and road so that they can easily park the closest to your home. Make sure you have sand and salt to cover ice with, as well as shovel for any snow. Keep in mind that you might need to do the same at your new dwelling, so don’t pack those away.
  • In order to save the floors, make sure you use plastic carpet protection. Those carton ones would be a worse idea, as due to dirt and water it will soon break. Ask movers to provide their own protection or buy one beforehand.
  • Keep you and your movers warm and full. Prepare some hot drinks and sandwiches, as moving is a tiring process, and in winter people need more energy to complete tasks related to physical work. Coffee or tea in thermoses, as well as hamburgers or pizza for lunch will help everyone stay full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Pack thoroughly all your belongings. Keep in mind the moist and try not to leave boxes outside for too long. Electronics and wooden musical instruments should be well-wrapped, as moist can really get through and damage even the metal details. And again – if you have any doubts about the way you’ve packed a certain items, ask your movers for help.

Choosing a company for winter relocating

The main principles of choosing the company does not really change from one season to another – describe all the details and peculiarities about your moving and get quotes from several movers to see what each of them is providing.

Be sure you fully understand all the parts of your moving, and ask questions in the process.

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