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Moving In with Your Boyfriend: Things to Consider

Moving In with Your Boyfriend: Things to Consider

Moving is always a complicated and stressful thing, but it is a beginning of new stage in your life. Especially if you are moving in with your boyfriend. Everyone is eager to find that special person to spend a life together, and you probably are already imagining your life together, the evenings you will spend cooking dinner and watching favorite movies on your couch. Yet, there are some things you should consider prior to moving in together.

  • Is it really what you want now? Do you know each other good enough to move to the next stage of your relationships? Are you comfortable together and you are sure he is the right one for you? Make sure you are ready to spend your life with this person prior to starting living together.
  • Discuss the future you see for your couple. Do you both want to marry in some time? Do you want kids and what is one of you does not? Is there an opportunity to compromise, and who would do it? If you ignore these fundamental for relationships questions, you may end up living some decent amount of time in relations that are not going anywhere, and you will be disappointed for the rest of your life.
  • Decide on the chores you will have to do when you live together. Nothing goes without saying when you share a home, so discuss it beforehand. If you want it to be documented, make a list of things you will do (like who would take out the garbage or cook), agree to share something, as well as take turns or tiresome stuff like paying the bills or cleaning.
  • Besides from house chores, talk about other parts of your life together. For example, if you are going to gym twice a week and you want it to stay the same, tell your boyfriend about it, and encourage him to do the same. Adapting to each others habits and behaviors is a better thing to do than sacrificing your interests and be mad at each other for this. Making yourself miserable by having to change your habits would eventually poison your relationship.
  • Get used to being together all the time. Dating and visiting each others home and actually living together are two different things, and things can sometimes go not the way you planned it to be. Spending a whole weekend together at your or his place would be a good practice, but not the fullest one, for sure. Your relations will expand, and while being beloved by each other, you would get additional roles to play.
  • Remember that none of you is perfect. Despite the romantic image you have about each other, be ready to get irritated by some habits or words, or preferences. Be patient with each other and don’t keep silent if you cannot stand something he is doing. Guys are not very good at taking hints, and they really appreciate when ladies are frank, so speak about the things you can change, and get ready to live with those you can’t.

The Bottom Line

And finally we move to relocating together. In case you are sure about all the above, start looking for an apartment to move in together. Decide on the items you would bring so that there are no doubles, and hire the moving company. Helping each other packing things would invest in your relationships.

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