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Moving to a college

Moving to a college

Starting a new college life is a rather scary but exciting occasion for the teens as well as for their parents.

What things should be packed and taken? What will be of a great importance in a new life, and what will just occupy the space? All these preparations seem insignificant in comparison with the anxiety the teen feel facing a new life.

Therefore, we offer you some tips that will be really useful to get rid of the moving stress.

How to pack

Best of all for the teen to make an inventory list of the items. She can live without this peasant blouse in the college if she hasn’t put it on at home. Donate the things to the charity or younger relatives if you do not dress them for more than 6 months.

Mind the season and plan everything in advance. Is it necessary to pack winter items? Then, package winter clothes into a box, but not in a suitcase.

  The teen can store it later in the closet or storage looker until the winter comes.

The tip for parents, don’t do all the job yourself if you do not want to answer the question "Where is my…?" by the phone or emails. It is better to do everything together.

Contact you roomie

It is great if your student can contact your roommate by Facebook or email, but this is only possible if the school provides such information. This will help you to avoid many problems down the road.

Teen can decide who will take this or that thing, so as not to have two mini fridges, TVs and so on.

This will not only help to share the things, but will ease the future meeting.

Supply your child with organizers

There is often not enough space in student’s rooms, so if you supply your student with shoe racks, hanging closet organizers, a hamper, it will help him or her to stay organized during the schooling year.

Preparation for the day of moving

If you haven’t received a welcome package from the school (in case, the school doesn’t have an orientation program), you can find the campus online with the information as to the parking and dormitory location. Save this information in the separate folder with the orientation schedule and send it to the smartphone of your kid.

Then you will be sure that your student won’t lose it, as it can happen with paper files.

Essential tip: Contact the housing management office of the college in advance if you have any questions as to the food cards, parking or something else.

Your student should have this!

First Aid Kit: You kid may jibe at you, but this will help him or her to deal with scrapes, bruises and bumps from the parties in campus. It can be kept in the closet and should obligatory include Advil or Tylenol, cold compresses, disinfectant.

Lysol wipes: The floors in the room may be cleaned, but if nobody lived here in summer, the furniture could be dusty. It is necessary to wipe everything before moving in. It is quite possible that it will be the only time when the room is properly wiped during the schooling year.

Sleep mask and ear plugs: You don’t know the roommate of your kid, he can be fond of playing computer games until 5 a.m. or she can be a fan of heavy metal. And these two items will help your child to rest and keep peace between the roommates.

Laundry detergent and static sheets: It is certainly possible to buy this at on-campus store, but your child won’t think about it until he or she will be completely run out of them.

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