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Overcoming psychological pitfalls of moving

Overcoming psychological pitfalls of moving

Moving is considered one of the forms of tortures nowadays. It would even be the case of the Geneva Convention if it became a little bit worse.

This may be a kind of exaggerations. However, everyone will agree that this is one of the most stressful and tiresome efforts that the person can undergo.

But it is quite possible to change this. Moving can be accepted in the way. And to change the conventional acceptance of the removal, you need just to think about the proper organization.

Here are the tips to help you not to get rid of the stress from the moving, but to reduce the size of it.

Call your friends to help you a bit

Every person in his life has experienced all the difficulties of moving. Therefore, you should understand that manpower is one of the key factors of any removal. Everyone has ever felt that he doesn’t have enough friends when it deals the problem of moving. Do you remember the proverb "many hands make light work?"

Forget about your pride, invite an extra pair of friends or relatives to help you. You will be surprised how eagerly they will help you, especially if you offer a good meal and some beer.

Get rid of the junk

A lot more stress brings the fact that you need to transport all your belongings. But do you really need all that stuff. If you are not going to become the guest star of ‘Hoarders’, you should think and get rid of the things that will be of no use for you in your future home.

Think and decide what of your property should be taken to your new life.

But if you can live without them, what is the sense of transporting them?

Leave your old bike here or present it to your young neighbor if you haven’t used it since you were a teen. It will just add costs to your removal and take space in your new house.

Be ready

The moving day approaches you as quickly as it is even difficult to imagine. You can always calm yourself that you have some extra time. Nevertheless, this only calms your consciousness.

When this day really comes, you have a feeling that you are totally unprepared.

Even with the help of the moving company, you should begin as early as possible. You need not less than 8 weeks for the proper preparations.

Are you happy about your moving?

You have certainly got used to the place where you lived. You have spent most of your life here – living, sleeping, playing- these are the memories that will remain forever. Moving is a certain change. There are different reasons for your removal. Some of them can be sad ( e.g. a divorce) or quite pleasant ones.

Despite the reasons that pushed you to move, there are some emotions present in this intention. Therefore, you need to recognize this and to say farewell to this episode of your life. It is good to make a farewell party on this occasion. You can also mourn with a couple of somber drinks.

Reward yourself

Certainly, you should be rewarded for the torture you have undergone and you can reward yourself. Treat yourself with a bucket of Haagen-Dazs when you have packed so many boxes.

And do not feel guilty about this, as it is necessary to restore your mentality. This is especially necessary, as we are not free from our daily obligations, we mean work, social connections, family ties, etc.

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