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Problems you can face during the move

Problems you can face during the move

What can happen?

Not all the removals pass all equally well. There is a very faint line between a smooth removal and a terrific one, a real nightmare or just a pleasant event in your life. On the day of the moving, you have a feeling that it is one of the luckiest days of your life, or that the fortune has left you.

Independent circumstances

Your trust can be shattered very easily. For example, you have ordered a van, but on the day of the move, the company informs you about some troubles and you have to search urgently for a new one. The restaurant that was supposed to feed you and your helpers does not respond to your calls. The owner of the rented house did not appear with the keys.

And you can do nothing in such situations. You doubt whether it is necessary to confirm all the appointments, or they will be irritated with your anxiety. These questions do not let you sleep at night.

Forget about you habits

Get up earlier. Smart phones made our lives easier, as they let us be lazier. However, if you are still drinking coffee while it is necessary to have all your cups packed, it will not do.

The movers are already at the doorways and are ready to load your belongings while you are still using some of the things.


Do you know the difference between the "people helping you to move" and "people you entrust your removal". Nobody will wait for you until you are waiting for your helpers. You friend came late? Your problem.

The company’s services did not satisfy you? Then it is time to remember the Old Testament-level wrath.

Old Testament-level Wrath

We are not talking about Yellowstone volcano or a rock from space moving in the direction of your new house, but different unexpected things happen. The climatic changes also can participate in your plans for moving.

And the people who tried to move on the East Coast in March’s ‘Last Hurrah’ in 2015 can tell you a lot.

But none of the unexpected surprises can spoil your moving if you remember the following 3 Rules of Moving, which are equal to Life principles:

  1. Rely on somebody that knows more than you do.
  2. Keep asking.
  3. Enjoy the process.
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