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Tips to move without the problems

Tips to move without the problems

Are you facing a removal, but have no ideas as to the best ways to pack your belongings?

Don’t worry, we’ll give you some essential tips on how to prepare your property for the moving, using the packaging that you have. Just follow our advice!

Let’s pack the plates

First of all, wrap the plates in the packing paper, but don’t lay them flat if you don’t want to break them easier.

It’s better to put them rims in a small or medium box.

How to pack the clothes

If you want to transport your pants and shirts in the same state as they are, don’t fold or box them with the hangers. A wardrobe box is more suitable for this.

But if you feel difficulties in finding the one, you can just use a garbage box.

Moving your shoes

You will hardly guess the best way to transport your shoes. Everything is ease! An ordinary wine box will be rather suitable in this matter.

To preserve the shape of your shoes, fill them with socks and tissue paper.

Don’t be afraid to transport perishables

Fill the cooler as late as possible to keep your products safe before the removal.

Store the water and juice in the fridge before putting them into the cooler. Put them last. Don’t forget about the resalable bags to prevent drips.

You need to store the frozen items at the top, as the cold air moves down.

The cooler should be packaged last and unpacked first on arrival.

Other food products that are transported without the cooler

  • Bread
  • Ketchup
  • Jam
  • Apples, tomatoes, berries
  • Kraft grated parmesan cheese – On the contrary to other types of cheese, it can be carried without the fridge even when it is opened.
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