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How Many Boxes You Need for Moving?

How Many Boxes You Need for Moving

If you are a well-organized person, you are going to start your packing process once you know you are about to move. It is the best to start with packing small things you don’t need every day, and closer to the moving day pack larger items. But how do you count how many boxes you are going to need? None wants to take care of the excess ones, and even more to rush for additional when you find out you cannot fit all your stuff into the ones you have.

The key to a more relaxed moving is planning everything in advance, and counting the approximate number of boxes you need is not that complicated – try to split your belongings into categories. For example, you may count all the books you have in all rooms and count how many boxes of which size you need to fit them all. The same would apply for clothes, dishes and any other stuff. You should as well keep in mind other packing supplies you might need.

Buy various boxes in advance.

Keep in mind that the same size boxes with books and clothes would have a different weight, and you should always remember not to pack your cartons too heavy, as they simply can break in the moving process. It is better to buy boxes of different sizes, as well as plastic ones which will last much longer.

Packing books (which are often the heaviest) in small boxes will help you making it easier to move to a new dwelling. And bedding together with clothes can be put into larger boxes.

Additional tip: besides from boxes, when packing you will need screwdrivers and other tools in order to dismantle furniture and electronics, so make sure you have those, or buy them beforehand.

The Bottom Line

For sure, it is hard for us to make theory a practice when it comes to the number of boxes and package supplies your will need for your own home, but from the long experience it might be said that depending on the size of your dwelling, you will need up to twenty or twenty five boxes (this include about a dozen of small and mediums, as well as couple large ones) for three rooms.

Keep in mind these numbers are approximate, but for more than five rooms you are most likely going to need up to fifty small and medium boxes, as well as about twenty large boxes.

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