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Moving Guide from Virginia Movers How to Move to Lexington, VA

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It is a known fact of life for most Americans that a person will move on average about 3 or 4 times during their lifetime. This means that most people need to deal with the usual stresses of finding a new home, planning a move, and establishing their lives in a new place.

If you are reading this, then this means that you are in the process of searching for Lexington relocation services. This guide can help you locate the best Lexington moving company, and even give you helpful information and tips regarding your move to Lexington VA. We here at Virginia Movers are more than happy to help you, as we are the first choice among Lexington moving companies and the most experienced Lexington movers. So, sit back with your favorite drink and help us relieve some of the stress of your upcoming move to Lexington VA.

Summary of Lexington – Interesting Facts

Location – North-Central Virginia

Established – 1778

Population – ~7,000

Climate – Humid Sub-tropical, normal for this part of Virginia

Lexington VA is a historic town located in the North-Central part of Virginia. Being one of the oldest towns in the state, this small town is rich in culture and history, and remains a very pleasant place to live.

Climate in Lexington

This region of Virginia has a typical humid sub-tropical climate, which brings with it relatively hot summers and mild, pleasant winters. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed throughout most of the year, which means that your evening walks or weekends at the park will rarely be interfered with by the weather.

Lexington Neighborhoods

Lexington is a small town with a small population, so it is difficult to distinguish any specific neighborhoods within the town. Most every area in the town is a pleasant place to live.

Registering Your Car

While registering your car in a new state is often a necessary evil of relocation, the state of Virginia makes it easier than many other states to register your car. Lexington does have a local DMV office, but you can also use Virginia’s DMV Now on website

Lexington Schools

As Lexington is a small town, it does not contain a large number of public and private schools that are offered by many other cities. However, the city’s public schools, administered by Lexington City Schools, provide an excellent education throughout all grade levels. Classes are relatively small, with a good teacher to student ratio, and a high priority is always placed on academics.

For higher education, Lexington is the home of Washington and Lee University, a prestigious and historic liberal arts university. Virginia Military Institute is also located not far from Lexington.

Lexington Employment

By now, you are probably tired of hearing about how Lexington is a small town. However, it’s necessary to point this out when listing many of the facts about the town, and this is especially true in regards to its economy. The town’s two largest industries are tourism and education, which provide the bulk of employment opportunities in the state.

However, employment is not simply limited to these two industries, as there are many others location both within Lexingon and in the surrounding area. No matter what your career is, you should be able to find ample employment opportunities in your new town.

Living Costs in Lexington

The cost of living within the town of Lexington is actually slightly below the national average, which is unusual in some parts of Virginia. With the good employment opportunities in the area, this means that you can live a very comfortable life on an average salary.

Lexington Moving Resources

Although Lexington is a small town, there are an abundance of Lexington moving resources. Virginia Movers is the top-rated Lexington moving company and has the most experienced Lexington movers working within its ranks. When you are searching for Lexington moving companies, you can feel secure about choosing the best choice, Virginia Movers.

Transportation in Lexington

Again, here we mention about the small size of this town. Although Lexington is not a big city, and sometimes might be missing some of the conveniences of such, it also has its share of benefits. And one of the best benefits is that transportation in this city is very convenient, at least within the city. The towns main roads are conveniently mapped out, and traffic is almost never a problem.

However, for intercity or interstate travel, this can be a little more difficult. There are no rail or bus services within the town, and the closest regional airport is located in Roanoke. This means that any kind of long distance travel that is not being done with your own car may take some additional time to plan, so please keep this in mind.

Culture and Contemporary Life

Despite its small size, Lexington is steeped in culture and history, especially that pertaining to the Civil War. There are many points of interest within the city, including the Cyrus McCormick Farm, Boxerwood Gardens, and the burial sites of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, the two most prominent and famous generals of the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

There is also a thriving music scene in Lexington, which means that there are plenty of concerts and music festivals throughout the year. All in all, there is no shortage of ways to spend your free time here!

Lexington Relocation Tips

Have you ever made a moving checklist before? If not, it is always a good idea to do so. Moving time can be a time of great stress, so it’s always important to make sure that you have all of your bases covered.

This means that prior to your move, you should check to make sure that all items in your house that will move with you are accounted for and packed, and that all necessary things to do at your new home are arranged before you move. It would not be good to move into your new home, only to find out that you didn’t get a necessary service like electricity or gas turned on, so make sure that this is arranged first. Of course, we probably don’t need to tell you this, but it never hurts to have a reminder!

Helpful Information

Moving to Lexington can be an exciting time in your life, but also a stressful one, so make sure that you have all of your questions asked before you move. Virginia Movers can answer any questions that you may have regarding your move. We wish you a happy time with your new life in Lexington VA!

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