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Moving Guide from Virginia Movers: How to Move to Manassas, VA

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Moving day, an event that we all experience at some point or another in our lives, is both exciting and scary. Moving to a new place, especially to a new city or state, can be an adventure. Along with the excitement, though, can be the fear of the unknown. We’re never quite sure how our lives will be in our new place, so this can add an element of apprehension to our moving experience.

Fear not, though! You are not alone. If you are looking for movers in Manassas VA, then you’re probably coming to the beautiful city of Manassas for the first time. We here at Virginia Movers have created a moving guide to help you in your search for moving companies Manassas VA. Whether you are moving from another city or state, or you are local to the city and are just looking for local movers Manassas VA, our moving guide can help you with preparing for all aspects of the move, from learning about basic information about the city to finding the best moving company. Manassas VA is a wonderful city, and we want you to feel welcome here and to be prepared for your big move!

Summary of Manassas – Interesting Facts

  • Location – Northeastern VA
  • Established – 1873
  • Population – ~42,000
  • Climate – Humid Sub-tropical
  • Manassas VA is a famous city located in the northeastern part of Virginia. Although Manassas is a relatively old city, it is most famous for events that happened prior to the formation of the city. Two of the most famous battles of the American Civil War happened in the general area of Manassas, and to this day visitors are often drawn to this city for the historical landmarks related to the Civil War.

    Climate in Manassas, VA

    As with most of the state of Virginia, Manassas has a humid sub-tropical climate, with very warm summers and mild, pleasant winters. Outdoor activities are in abundance here, and this means that they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

    Manassas Neighborhoods

    Although Manassas is a small town, it does have several distinct neighborhoods, almost all of which are very nice places to live. With the small size of the city, almost all neighborhoods have easy access to other parts of the town and provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. You should have no trouble with finding the neighborhood of your choice in Manassas.

    Registering Your Car

    Moving from another state means that you will need to register your car with the state of Virginia once you move to Manassas. You have two different ways of doing this after your move. One way is to register your car at the local DMV office in Manassas. The other way, which is increasing in popularity now, is to register your car through the Virginia DMV Now website:here

    Manassas Schools

    The city of Manassas has its own small school district, administered by Manassas Public Schools. Since Manassas is a small town, there are a small number of public schools in the city, but all of them have easy access from all parts of the town. The school district is also very highly rated within the state.

    For higher education, there are several branch campuses of some colleges and universities in or near Manassas, including branch campuses for George Mason University and Strayer University. Northern Virginia Community College also has a branch campus here.

    Manassas Employment

    Although a small town, Manassas has many employment opportunities in industries such as technology, aerospace, and healthcare. Micron Technology, Lockheed Martin, and Novant Prince Willia Health Services all have large campuses in the city with many employment opportunities readily available. Manassas does also have other employment opportunities through various other industries, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a job here.

    Living Costs in Manassas

    We’ll get straight to the point here – Manassas is a relatively expensive city to live in. The average income in Manassas is higher than the national average and thus is also higher than many other parts of the state. With these higher living costs, though, is the fact that Manassas provides a pleasant and comfortable way of life, with a quality of living that is unmatched in many other cities. Despite the higher costs of living, many people still find Manassas to be a premium choice for their new lives.

    Manassas Moving Resources

    For such a small city, Manassas has no shortage of moving resources available to those looking for movers. Manassas VA is considered a top city to live in by many people, so there is a high demand for movers. With such a high demand for movers, Manassas VA has plenty of choices to offer. Despite this large choice in moving companies, Manassas VA is home to Virginia Movers, the best-rated moving company in Virginia. When looking for a great place to start with for looking for local movers, Manassas VA gives you the best in Virginia Movers.

    Manassas Transportation

    We’ve already mentioned that Manassas is a small town, so getting around here isn’t a problem. There are several major highways that pass through Manassas, and several others that pass near the city, so access to the rest of the area is quite easy to find. For those looking for air travel options, Manassas Regional Airport provides a large airport with many different carriers, which provides plenty of air travel options into and out of the city. For rail travel, there are three different Amtrak routes that service the area.

    Culture and Contemporary Life

    For those who love Civil War history, Manassas is a dream come true. Two major battles of the Civil War were fought in the area, and this area has many historical landmarks related to the battles, and to the Civil War itself. In addition to this, there are many other cultural and fun events that are held in the area throughout the year, so boredom will never be a problem!

    Manassas Relocation Tips

    Keep in mind that when looking for a moving company, Manassas VA gives you many options. However, you can do no wrong with choosing the best movers in Manassas VA, Virginia Movers. We can help you with almost all parts of your move, from planning the move to all moving day activities. Of course, we’ll leave the other things like choosing a place to live up to you!

    Before your move, go over everything that you need to plan out, including disconnecting utilities in your old home and getting them connected in your new home. Try visiting the city and the surrounding area before your move if you have never been here before, and try to get to know some other residents of the city, who can help point you in the right direction. Of course, you can always ask us any questions that you may have.

    The Internet is a wonderful resource for finding information for just about anything you can imagine. You probably already know this, seeing that you found this article. However, if there are any answers that you can’t find here or through other resources, then feel free to ask.

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