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Moving guide for Portsmouth

Welcome to Virginia Movers, the premier moving company Portsmouth VA. If you are moving to Portsmouth VA or the surrounding area, then this moving guide should provide you with all of the information that you need to know.

Virginia Movers provides moving services of all types, ranging from small loads for single individuals with a minimalist lifestyle, to large families and businesses. We provide all necessary moving services, including the assembly and disassembly of furniture, packing and unpacking, and the proper handling and care of all items.

If you are looking for movers Portsmouth VA, our dedicated team of moving professionals will be happy to help you with all aspects of your move. Please enjoy this moving guide, which was made to help you with moving to Portsmouth VA.

Summary of Portsmouth – Interesting Facts

Location – Southeastern VA, on the Atlantic Coast.

Established – 1752

Population – ~96,000

Climate – Humid Sub-tropical, with high rainfall, beautiful summers and mild winters

Portsmouth is a beautiful, historic city located on the Atlantic Coast, in southeastern Virginia. We are home to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, a historic and active shipyard used by the United States Navy. We are located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Our city has a long and active history as a shipyard, dating back to the early colonial times and continuing to the present day.

Climate in Portsmouth

Portsmouth has a very pleasant climate year round, which means that outdoor activities can be enjoyed at all times of the year. Our summers are beautiful and very pleasant, and our winters are mild, with very low amounts of snowfall and rare sub-freezing temperatures. This also means that the climate should rarely interfere with your moving plans.

Portsmouth Neighborhoods

Portsmouth VA is located within the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Portsmouth VA has many safe and pleasant neighborhoods, with easy access to the beautiful and historic Olde Towne district, and an average commute time of 24 minutes. Almost all locations within our beautiful city provide quick and easy access to all necessary locations for work, school, or leisure.

Registering Your Car

If you are moving to Portsmouth VA from another state, then it will be necessary to register your car in the state of Virginia. Virgina provides easy online registration and renewals through the Portsmouth Customer Service Center website: here

Education in Portsmouth

Portsmouth VA is home to three public high schools, all located in the different corners of the city. Churchland High school is located in the northeastern portion of the city, I.C. Norcom High School is conveniently located in the downtown area, and Woodrow Wilson High School is in the southwestern part of the city.

There are a number of prestigious universities in close proximity to Portsmouth. Old Dominion University, a public research university, is located in the nearby city of Norfolk, VA. Tidewater Community College also has a campus within the city of Portsmouth.

Things to do in Portsmouth

There are no shortage of things to do in Portsmouth VA. Below is a list of different attractions that are located within our city.

  • Childrens Museum of Virginia
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum
  • Portsmouth City Park
  • The Hill House
  • Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve

Along with these attractions, we also have many modern movie theaters, several large shopping centers, and many other interesting places to visit within the area.

Transportation in Portsmouth

Being an old coastal town, much of the transportation in Portsmouth has been centered around the water. However, in modern times, Portsmouth has a modern transportation system.

Air travel is serviced by the nearby Norfolk International Airport, located near Chesapeake Bay, close to the nearby cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. This provides easy access to all methods of air travel, and allows for easy travel to both domestic and international destinations.

For travel by car, the city of Portsmouth is serviced by Interstate 264 and Interstate 664, which provide easy access to all nearby cities and metropolitan areas. The Elizabeth River can be crossed by the Midtown Tunnel, Downtown Tunnel, and Berkely Bridge.

Hampton Roads Transit provides bus travel services within the city and neighboring areas.

Portsmouth Employment

Being within the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, there are no shortage of job opportunities. The nearby Norfolk Naval Shipyard provides numerous government and contractor job opportunities. There are many other industries located within the city or the surrounding area, such as Health Care, IT, public service industries, and more.

Living Costs in Portsmouth

The cost of living in Portsmouth VA is significantly lower than in most major metropolitan areas of the United States. The median annual income for a household is around $46,000, and is around $54,000 for a family. As such, the cost for housing and goods is generally lower than most other major metropolitan areas, which means that most households and families can live comfortably on an average annual salary.

Moving Companies in Portsmouth

Virginia Movers are the premier movers Portsmouth VA. If you are planning on moving to Portsmouth VA, we can provide all necessary moving services in a friendly and professional manner. Looking for a moving company Portsmouth VA can be a daunting task, but our movers are the most experienced, friendly, and professional in the city. We provide all ranges of services connected with moving, such as packing/unpacking, assembly and disassembly of furniture, manpower and transportation, the clear marking of goods and inventory, office setup, and many other services.

Portsmouth Relocation Tips

If you are coming to the Portsmouth VA area for the first time, it is important to read through this guide thoroughly.

We recommend visiting the city and your specific neighborhood prior to your move, as well as mapping out all points of interest, including places of employment, schools, nearby hospitals and clinics, food services and grocery stores, and other places that you may require.

It is important to find out which companies or entities provide necessary utilities services to your home. Water and Sanitation services are provided by the Department of Public Utilities. For electricity service, there are numerous electrical utilities providers in the area, so it is important to find out which ones service your specific neighborhood.

For internet services, there are multiple high-speed internet services within the city.

Helpful Information

If you are looking for movers Portsmouth VA, Virginia Movers is the premier moving company Portsmouth VA. We can help you with all aspects of your move. If you have any questions regarding moving to Portsmouth VA, then please don’t hesitate to ask!

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