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Moving Guide from Virginia Movers: How to Move to Virginia Beach, VA

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Americans are renowned the world over for their mobility, be it from just driving their own cars, or moving between cities. Moving is just a fact of life for most Americans, and if you’re reading this, then you have probably been bitten by the moving bug as well, whether it be for work, or just to relocate to a more agreeable area.

Virginia Beach tends to be a popular destination for many people, whether it be just for Spring Break, or for permanent relocation. Virginia Beach moving companies tend to be busy throughout the year, which is a testament to the popularity of this city as a relocation destination. If you are included in the group of people looking for a Virginia Beach moving company, then you are reading the right article. We can help you with finding out more information about your destination, and we can even help you find the right moving company. Virginia Beach has a lot to offer, so read on, and find out about the best city in Virginia, and the best movers Virginia Beach!

Summary of Virginia Beach – Interesting Facts

Location – Eastern Virginia Seaboard, at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay

Established – 1906

Population – ~450.000

Climate – Humid Subtropical, as is typical of a coastal town in this area

Virginia Beach is a very well-known city on the Eastern Seaboard of Virginia. Being the largest city in Virginia by population, it is well known for being a very popular tourist destination, with many miles of resorts and hotels along the expansive coast. Located within the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, it is located in a region that is known as “America’s First Region”, due to its proximity to the first landing site of the first British colonists and several early established British colonies shortly after the discovery of North America.

Climate in Virginia Beach, VA

Anyone who has spent time along the Eastern Seaboard or near the Chesapeake Bay can tell you all about the climate. If you are not someone who has done this, however, then what you need to know is that Virginia Beach has what is called a Humid Sub-Tropical climate. This means warm, wet summers and mild winters. Virginia Beach, in particular, is renown for having a very pleasant climate all year round, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the climate causing problems with your moving plans.

Virginia Beach Neighborhoods

Virginia Beach, while relatively young as a city, was well developed in its early years, with many distinct neighborhoods appearing before the city itself was incorporated. The city itself is divided into seven different boroughs, but either within these or separately are many other neighborhoods.

Registering Your Car

People who are lucky enough to live in the state of Virginia have several easy options for registering their car. This can either be done at the local DMV office, or through Virginia’s DMV Now website

Virginia Beach Schools

Being the most populous city in Virginia, it should be no surprise that Virginia Beach City Public Schools is one of the largest school districts in the state. Virginia Beach City Public Schools operates a large number of elementary, middle, and high school within the city and in the surrounding area. No matter which neighborhood you live in, your children should have easy access to a public school. There are also numerous private schools within the city.

Two different universities also make their home in Virginia Beach: Atlantic University, which specializes in New Age studies, and Regent University, a private religious university which has mainly focused on graduate education. There are also numerous universities within the Hampton Roads area, most notably Old Dominion University, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Those with undergraduate or graduate education needs will be very well serviced in the area.

Virginia Beach Employment

Although Virginia Beach is most well-known for its tourism industry, many other industries exist here, both within the city and in the surrounding area. A very high percentage of the residents of Virginia Beach has a university degree, so this makes the city a prime location for recruiters for various industries. Tourism does have a large share of the economy in this city, but many other industries are here, such as healthcare, government, education, and technology. Even if your own industry isn’t located within the city, you are sure to find numerous job opportunities within the Hampton Roads area.

Living Costs in Virginia Beach

For those looking for movers, Virginia Beach and its cost of living is important information to know. Due largely to its location as well as its popularity, Virginia Beach does have a higher cost of living than the national average, and higher even than most of the other cities within the Hampton Roads area. However, along with this higher cost of living comes a better quality of life. With a wonderful environment and very low crime rates, Virginia Beach is one of the most pleasant cities to live in.

Virginia Beach Moving Resources

Due to its high popularity and large population, Virginia Beach has no shortage of moving resources. There are many Virginia Beach moving companies to choose from. If you are looking for movers in Virginia Beach, you can feel good in the knowledge that you have a large choice. Virginia Movers is the premier Virginia Beach moving company, so we obviously suggest that you make us your first choice of Virginia Beach movers.

Virginia Beach Transportation

Due to its location in the Hampton Roads area, Virginia Beach has a large choice of transportation options. Interstate 264 runs through the city and also connects to I-64 on the outskirts. This highway, along with several other main roads, provides connections with the rest of the Hampton Roads area. For air travelers, air travel to and from the area is handled by Norfolk International Airport, which provides air services for the entire region. Travel by train can be done through the Amtrak stations in both Norfolk and Newport News, and there are bus routes that provide connections to these stations from within the city. No matter your transportation needs, you should be well covered here!

Culture and Contemporary Life

As Virginia Beach is renowned for its tourism, numerous resorts, and beautiful and clean beaches, you should have no problem finding things to do within the city. Tourism brings in many people each year, and with such high numbers of visitors, there are also many attractions within the city and nearby to keep all of these people entertained. If beaches aren’t your thing, you can find many historical sites, museums, and other areas of interest in the nearby area.

Virginia Beach Relocation Tips

The first thing we can recommend about coming here is to make sure that you bring plenty of sunscreen for your inevitable stays on our wonderful beaches! All joking aside, there are a few things that are needed to know for those looking for movers. Virginia Beach is a relatively large city, so it’s best to travel here before your move so you can become acquainted with the area. Make sure that you take care of all things necessary for your move, such as connecting/disconnecting utilities, and making sure your packing is finished. Really, the best way to prepare is to consult Virginia Movers, who can suggest anything that you need to know about your move.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right movers. Virginia Beach has a large selection of moving companies, so you might feel overwhelmed in making the right choice. If this is your problem while searching for movers in Virginia Beach, then call Virginia Movers. With us, you will know that you have found the right moving company. Virginia Beach and Virginia Movers wishes you luck, and welcomes you to our wonderful city!

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