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Office movers northern Virginia

Office movers Northern Virginia

Eventually any company has the necessity to move to a new building, or to a new city, or even a country. This happens due to various reasons and circumstances: because of the expansion or reduction in its size, or moving to a new location.

Office moving northern virginia differs from the apartment moving. At any apartment moving the bulk of the cargo consists of small things, furniture, household and kitchen appliances. And the office move incudes furniture, office equipment and documentation.

Professional office movers northern virginia can easily disassemble and assemble any office furniture that you have, as well as shut off, pack and carefully transport office equipment and special equipment. After the transportation, they will put everything in its place, connect and configure the equipment in accordance with all the necessary rules and regulations. After that, your employees will be able to get to work immediately.

You do not need a separate cause of specialist or ask your subordinates to do some disconnecting and connecting of office equipment. This will help you reduce the moving costs.

The company "Virginia Movers" can offer you all the services needed for a fast and high-quality office relocation. We can provide you with:

  • equipment;
  • careful transportation of your documents;
  • transportation of safe-deposit boxes, oversized metal cabinets, etc.;
  • professional furniture disassembly and reassembly;
  • labeling and packaging services;
  • arrangement of everything (unpacking of boxes, placement of furniture and things in a new place).
  • specially equipped vehicles for the safe transportation of furniture and office equipment;
  • all the necessary tools to work with equipment and furniture;

We guarantee the safety of your property and respect to your time.

Assembly-disassembly of furniture with office movers Northern Virginia

We offer services of quality and quick assembly and disassembly of furniture and interior items, connection and disconnection of equipment, chandeliers, lamps, and other electrical appliances.

Experienced staff at "Virginia Movers" can assemble the furniture of any complexity and configuration in record time, adjust the door, hang pictures and shelves, install built-in appliances.

Our employees use only the most modern tools that allow them to work quickly and efficiently without producing excessive noise. Any items, which are not passed through the narrow doorways or do not fit in the car, will be carefully dismantled and then assembled.

Packing services for office moving Northern Virginia

In the process of moving, it is always necessary to package fragile and valuable items. After all, these simple steps will help preserve the integrity of your favorite vase or a new computer.

Our staff has extensive experience in packing furniture, office interior, various collectible items, large and small appliances, antiques.

The company’s specialists use only modern packaging materials to achieve the maximum quality in packing your things. In this way we guarantee the safety of the goods transported.

Currently, we offer the following packaging materials:

  • cartons of different sizes;
  • air bubble tape;
  • bags for packaging;
  • stretch tape;
  • felt;
  • bags for the hardware;
  • sticky tape.

Proper packaging with the necessary materials will ensure you keep all your things in the process of moving!

The company "Virginia Movers" offers transportation of pianos of different sizes. Experienced team of loaders will help you quickly and accurately carry the precious instrument intact. Our loaders use special tools and devices for accurate and safe transportation. This significantly reduces the time and cost of transportation.

Our cleaning services will help you in your office relocation. Many clients have already appreciated the high quality of our services.

We provide the services of transporting bulky objects (safes, slot machines, pool tables, ATMs, oversized vehicles, machines), weighing up to 1.5 tons. The company "Virginia Movers" has all the necessary special equipment, tools and mechanisms for accurate, safe handling of your cargo.

Ordering the service in "Virginia Movers", you will forget about all the problems that inevitably arise during the moving. After talking with our honest and courteous staff, you will come to us again, becoming our regular customers.

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