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McLean is regarded as an upscale place in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia. A number of Congress members, businessmen, and top-ranking officials of the government reside in this place. Since the region has a large proportion of the population that is constantly moving to McLean VA, it is possible to find a large number of companies designated to help people move from one location to the other. Traditionally, this area has been filled with a mix of long distance and local movers.

Long-Distance Movers in Mclean VA

The term long-distance refers to anything above 150 miles or one that includes crossing a state. Since people from all over the country tend to choose McLean as a preferred destination that is close to Washington, it is not surprising that they tend to search for a long distance moving company McLean VA when it is time for them to depart. These long-distance movers are significantly more expensive than a local mover, but they certainly come handy when it comes to transporting all those goods that would cost a fortune.

How are Long-Distance Moving Services Priced?

Long-distance movers typically charge anywhere between $1,500 to even $10,000. The pricing is largely subjective, as it depends on various factors like the size of the home, total belongings, a distance of the move, and the type of transport opted.

For transporting loads as low as 2,000 pounds over a distance of around 400 miles, it would be common to see online moving quotes McLean VA charging at around $1,800. At the same time, the costs would escalate to a whopping $14,000 when it comes to moving around 14,000 pounds of goods over a distance of 3000 miles.

Besides from the transport cost, auxiliary additions like insurance and packaging materials do add up to the total cost. The McLean moving company will also charge an additional fee if the transport material is a specialist item that requires additional care.

What Are the Average Costs?

The long-distance movers usually charge in the region of $0.5 for each pound of weight. The packaging materials also cost around $2 for the boxes and $20 for the bubble wrap. One of the best ways to reduce cost is by reducing the items that need relocating.

Local Movers in Mclean VA

Local movers assist in terms of relocating to a place within 100 miles. They also do not have licenses to go beyond the state in which they operate. The local movers in McLean VA usually charge on an hourly basis.

How are Local Moving Services Priced?

The local moving services generally have to deal with an apartment or an office and the work usually lasts about a day. It takes around two men to shift an average sized home. The online moving quotes McLean VA price these services at around $100 per hour.

However, the customer will have to bear additional costs if the size of the home or the office is much bigger. In the case of a five-bedroom house, around 4 to 5 men are required for the same job. One can add up the costs at the rate of $50 per man per hour.

Those looking to hire McLean moving company for local relocating purposes can also take advantage of additional services like the disassembly and reassembly of a furniture, elevator carries, shuttle service, specialty transport, and supply of packaging materials. However, it should be remembered that these services would be substantially more expensive than the standard rate of $50 per mover. Hence, any specialty services should be mentioned beforehand while receiving an online quote from a local moving company.

How to Reduce Local Moving Costs?

Since packaging and the associated products have to last only for a couple of hours at the most, one can make significant savings if they opt for free supplies rather than go for the expensive professional moving material. A great option would be to dive into grocery or liquor cardboard boxes. It also makes sense to reduce the material that is to be transported. This can be the biggest saving one can get when hiring a local moving company McLean VA.

Long-distance or local movers are a great option to not experience any stress when it comes to relocating a home or office.

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