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Moving Guide from Virginia Movers. How to move to Washington DC

Moving guide for Washington DC

Need to move to Washington DC?

Virginia Movers is the ultimate stop for anyone out there who is ready to move to Washington DC. We provide the most professional moving services, customized as per your requirement; to save you from all kind of hassle.

From packing to unpacking and loading to unloading, we make you move in no time. Not only that we are fast movers, but our trained professionals also ensure a careful shifting by thoroughly monitoring all phases of your move.

Please make use of our moving guide to move to Washington DC without investing your effort at all. Virginia Movers make it this convenient for you, even if you sign up for a one-room accommodation or a corporate move.

About Washington DC – Interesting facts

Washington DC is the major city of the United States, stationed amid Virginia and Maryland on the north bank of the Potomac River. This town is home to all branches of the federal government, likewise the Supreme Court, White House, and the Capitol Building.

Population: 672,228 as of July 2015

Climate in Washington DC

Washington DC has some picturesque spots to offer on maximum an hour’s drive from any location you reside at. From Puget Sound and its glorious coastline to national forests and rivers, you can always plan an outside trip with your family and friends. The weather trends are such that July is marked as the hottest month in Washington DC, with an average temperature of 27°C. The coldest temperatures are experienced in the month of January that get as low as 4°C. Moreover, the western half of the state receives more rainfall than the eastern side. It rains continuously for weeks in 48 states of the west. Therefore, you need a safe and reliable mover to relocate your precious belongings safely and in the right packaging material. You should trust none other than Virginia movers as we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.

Washington DC Neighborhoods

It has eight wards and 131 neighborhoods. Getting to know your areas before moving is essential as they have varying rental costs. The more economical ones are Capitol Hill and Eastern Market. If you wish to go to a more happening neighborhood, then Logan Circle would do fine for you.

Culture and Contemporary Life

You won’t have an adjustment problem in Washington DC as it is a very friendly state. You must get an invitation for camping in the summer months. The Daily Beast lists Seattle as the third best city for single ladies to meet eligible men. The beautiful scenic views add up to this.

Registering Your Car

New residents have a thirty day period to register their vehicle on moving to Washington. You can get registered online or may visit the local licensing office. Kindly get the job done within 15 days’ time to avoid the penalty of up to $50 on crossing the deadline and $2 every day after piling up to $125.

Washington DC Schools

The state has 123 public schools operated by the District of Columbia Public Schools. Whereas, there are around 90 private schools currently operating in the district. Some renowned private universities in the region include American University, Howard University, and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Along with these, the public university by the name of University of the District of Columbia (UDC) offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The residents may also be eligible for a scholarship of up to $10,000 every year to equal the price of tuition at any urban university in the country.

Washington DC Transportation

With reasonably laid-out streets and easy-to-use public transportation systems, you can explore DC stress-free. You can use the Washington Metro, the city’s rapid transit system, and the Metro bus to travel. The DC Circulator bus system can also be used in the city to visit the commercial areas.

Union Station is the city’s central train station and services approximately 70,000 people each day. The three major airports serve the District; Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Washington DC Employment

It is an ideal place of employment as the community and business services group constitute the leading service industry group. It provides income sources in computer programming, private health care, engineering companies and law firms. It is also home to banking company. Not to forget the wholesale trade and retail trade groups in the state. The major retailers being Starbucks and

Living Costs in Washington DC

The cost of living index is 136 in Washington DC. Interestingly, this index is equal to the District of Columbia average, and 36% higher than the national average. Therefore, the cost of living in D.C. is ranked seventh on the list of most expensive U.S. cities. The index has been estimated keeping in view housing (30%), groceries (13%), utilities (10%), transportation (9%), healthcare (5%) and services (33%). The residence gets higher the closer you move to downtown. You also have to pay more for the food in Washington DC. Still the living cost is balanced out by a higher-than-average median household income i.e. $58,600.

So keeping this in view, make up your mind about being able to bear the expensive living costs in Washington DC. It is crucial for you to decide before moving in. The prices are high, but there are few advantages too. The job opportunities that you can avail in the capital are more. Then there are various free museums and monuments that do not require you to spend a penny to spend your weekend.

Movers in Washington DC

There are many local companies taking care of the needs of the mover. Moving Companies Washington DC is one of the local moving service providers that has been serving the local market for a few years now. It offers liaison with DC moving companies and agents.

Even then, Virginia Movers is the best, safest and affordable. Tracing out local movers will only be troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, make Virginia movers your ultimate destination.

You will never ask for another mover as there are no hidden charges and it makes sure nothing remains frustrating for you while moving. So save some money on the go!

Moving company Washington DC

Moving company Washington DC is considered by most of the people to move in and around Washington DC. The moving company Washington DC facilitates with both, residential and commercial moving. It has a huge team full of experienced personnel’s to deliver their promise of stress-free moving. The 24-hour service availability and customer support give Moving Company Washington DC the edge to snatch clientele quickly from any other local mover in the vicinity. They have a wide coverage area across DC. Packaging for packing is also provided by the company, and you can avail the GPS tracking throughout to track your belongings on the go. Moreover, it also provides value-added services to the customers. Therefore, this facility is pretty known in the region to get you moving timely and within your budget.

Best Companies in Washington DC

Talking about the best businesses in Washington DC to facilitate you with moving, brings a few known names on the list. All of these companies have an excellent reputation in the market, and their efficiency is much talked about. Though all of them are not big firms, still they manage to assist some commercial moves along with the much common residential moving.

Beltway Movers, Blake & Sons Moving & Storage, Commonwealth Movers, Great Scott Moving, Gulliver’s Movers, Metropolitan Moving & Storage and Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage; constitute the best companies in Washington DC. Moyer & Sons, for instance, has around 44 years of experience in this field and offers 30 trucks for moving locally and interstate as well. Then there is Big Green Moving Company worth mentioning along with the names of the preceding companies. As it believes in going “Green” on its way by purchasing carbon offsets and driving on biodiesel. Furthermore, it makes use of recycled materials to pack and transfer your belongings from one place to another. To your surprise, it has been in business for 12 years now with only two trucks at its disposal. Therefore, the best companies in Washington DC are not all big fishes in the market, and some operate small-scale. It is their dedicated and professional service that have helped them make their names.

Washington DC Relocation Tips

Relocating can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re moving in from a small city. To avoid the inconvenience, create a checklist of all the items you need for packing.

If you are moving to Washington DC from another city or state, kindly go through the taxation system. Sales tax is an even 6%, except for liquor, which is 9%. If you eat at a restaurant or rent a car, expect to see 10% tax imposed, while parking boasts 12% and hotels claim 14.5%. Only the groceries, medicines, and utilities are exempt from sales tax completely.

If you’re looking for movers in Washington DC, then Virginia Movers is the best option for you. So pick up your phone and give us a call to Getting MOVING!

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