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Long distance moving is always a difficult task. Numerous boxes, things, little items, packages, the idea that you must not forget anything. It is very tiring. And if you need to think about your children, dog, cat, fish and other members of your family at this very moment too, the thought of the moving just kills you.

Besides, long distance moving requires certain material costs. They are inevitable in any case, so it’s better to use the services of professionals in this business, to turn to long distance movers in dc.

Firstly, dc long distance movers have the vehicles to transport all your belongings, including furniture and your dog’s house at once. Professional movers dc will put everything neatly, so as not to damage anything when transporting to the place of destination.

Second, movers in washington dc know how to pack things correctly. Very often when you move, something is broken, cracked, beaten and so on. You can be sure that this will not happen. And certainly, washington dc movers will lose nothing.

Thus, if you hire movers dc for your apartment or office relocation, you will make your move just like in a fairy tale. Movers washington dc will come, pack, load everything, and most importantly, they will deliver, unload, unpack, and arrange everything at a new place. You will only have to pay for this.

Professional movers in Washington DC

It is said that one removal is equal to two fires. But today, this opinion cannot be taken seriously, because a lot has changed in this business. There are companies who are professionally engaged in moving services.

To date, people have a choice when moving. They may be old-fashioned and pack, load and transport everything with their friends and acquaintances, which requires a lot of efforts, time and nerves. Or to entrust all this to professional movers dc, which will transport your belongings to their destination. Or to adopt a mixed strategy which implies your own participation and help to cheap movers dc. In the latter case, you pack your belongings yourself, and affordable movers dc perform only delivery.

If you have to move to another city, state, then without the services of dc movers you cannot do this. In this case, best movers dc will help to avoid difficulties with a lot of organizational issues. You do not have to worry about any details related to your moving.

Today there is a decent amount of anytime movers dc. If you want to celebrate the new moving to a new place in a good mood, you must carefully choose the mover washington dc. You should take into account, first of all, the experience and feedback of its customers.

As a rule, when you contact best dc movers, a personal manager who will organize the moving should be assigned for you. He answers all the questions of the client, as well as provides guarantees.

In his turn, the manager calculates the final cost of services, which depends on the amount of transported property, crossing points (how and where), whether additional services are ordered, and other details.

Best movers in dc offer a full range of services for the relocation, which includes the packing, unpacking and placement of things, loading and unloading, cleaning. From the list of services the customer chooses only what he needs. The manager can (and even obliged to) offer additional services, but he can’t insist on them. Even the packaging can be done by the client himself if he wants.

During the conversation with the manager the client has an opportunity to assess the level of his training, and hence the quality of services provided. Respecting movers in dc will never send an incompetent person to the customer. In this case, the manager is the face of the company, who helps to create the first impression of the dc area movers. If you do not like the person, do not hesitate to refuse working with him without explanations.

During the conversation with the manager clarify the terms of the moving. In fact, the packaging, transporting and unpacking things when moving from the two-bedroom apartment usually takes at least 2-3 days. If you are promised the move in one day, then it’s a cause to think.

It is important to justify all the matters relating to the packaging of things right away, so as not to get a bill, which will be attended by several "raising factors" for complexity. It is necessary to specify that the price stated in the calculation is the final, securing it in the document. If there is no such information in a contract, it is necessary to include it.

If you want to see how real professional city movers dc work, you are welcome to apply to “Virginia Movers” moving company. We are ready to offer you the best services in the market at affordable prices.

Order relocation services with best movers in DC

When you order a complete package of services in “Virginia Movers”, you do nothing, and may not even be present when moving. In this case, the responsibility for the safety and quality of things lies entirely on us. If you decided to do some part of job yourself (e.g., packing), you have to share the responsibility.

The contract with the mover should have the following issues:

  • the name of the company;
  • a complete list of services;
  • the date of the arrival of packers, loaders (in big cities it is recommended to order the moving at the end of the week, when the streets are less loaded);
  • address of the start and the end point;
  • who and what will be packed;
  • guarantees;
  • the final total cost of relocation services.

Do not rush in haste to sign the contract. Study it carefully so as not to miss the important details. It is important to provide full and complete information on the transport of high-value items. Otherwise, when they are damaged, it will be difficult to force the company to take responsibility.

The presence of the client during transportation is optional but desirable.

Do not sign any papers until all things are unpacked, checked for consistency in the presence of the movers.

Reliable moving companies can insure the property of the client. The risks, which you want to insure your property from, directly depend on the nature and number of selected services. Most often, the property is insured against losses, damages, fire, damage or loss due to robbery, willful or negligent damage by the third party, as well as the disappearance of the goods together with the vehicle. You may want to insure the property against natural or man-made disasters, and from damages caused by the accident.

You can insure the property at any time in “Virginia Movers”, but if you pack the things yourself, the company won’t give you any insurances. However, if the package is made by employees of a moving company, you can even insure things in the process.

Storage service by movers in Washington DC

“Virginia Movers” moving company offers additional services except the services of moving. You can order warehousing in our company. In fact, this service is nothing but renting the protected area that is adapted to the needs of customers whose old stuff does not fit in the new housing. For example, if you have 5 m³ of property that you want to store, you may need 2 m² of the warehouse. It is necessary to lay down the property according to the rules: "heavy things – at the bottom", "light – at the top", and "one in another."

Our warehouse has temperature and humidity conditions, so you can place here things that are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity

Intra office moving with movers in DC

Moving of apartments and offices is rather common, but sometimes it is necessary to perform tasks such as moving of furniture and office equipment indoors, safe’s movement from floor to floor, reconfiguration of the office, interior arrangement with ergonomics in mind. This is a natural process in the life of any office. Small changes can be carried out on your own, but for jobs that require lifting of heavy safes, cabinets, glass tables it is advisable to call the professional movers and packers from the company “Virginia Movers”.

Our service of "internal office relocation" covers the entire range of activities carried out without the use of vehicles: disassembly and assembly of cabinets, furniture placement, transportation of safes, fixed partitions, moving furniture from one floor to another, etc. Signing the contract for the fulfilling of an internal office move, you get a guarantee of a high level of services from the company and a fixed price for the entire period of the contract.

Caution: fragile things!

Do you want a stress-free moving? Do you want to transport expensive dishes, glass and others beating home furnishings intact? You don’t need to worry. Your moving will pass quickly and accurately! Necessary things will be securely packaged, protected from unwanted minor scratches and minor bumps during the transport in the back of the truck.

Furniture and personal belongings will be safely transported to a new location, unpacked and placed on specific locations. Everything will be delivered intact if you order the services of moving in “Virginia Movers”.  The packing of things when moving is never too much a business, especially when carrying an antique or exclusive furniture, and “Virginia Movers” remember about this.

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