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Do you have a piano in the house? Then you probably know the basic rules of care for this rather moody musical instrument. It is necessary to tune it, to protect against dust, and even a moth. However, it’s nothing. The remedy for insect pests can be bought in the store, and a tuner can be invited to your home. But when there is a need to move the piano, the owners immediately face a lot of problems and issues.

It is impossible to drag a heavy and inconvenient instrument without the special tools and knowledge. However, if you still have to carry the piano, there are several options.

You can invite a merry company of friends or relatives, colleagues or neighbors, and try to cope on your own. But keep in mind: you are risking your favorite piano. Improvised loaders, even if they take the case with enthusiasm, can drop the delicate cargo or hit the wall. Accidentally, of course, not from a malice. You will need to search for the master to repair it and spend the money on this. In addition, you need the proper transport for this, as an ordinary car is not suitable for this.

Many people prefer to use the services of professional piano movers washington dc in this matter. And this is right! But is it worth to choose the lowest price in the area to transport the piano? Invite the loaders from a nearby store to help you, and they will gladly agree to carry your piano. Or you can contact the cheapest movers that you can find. Of course, it is possible to save. However, this approach can be considered semi-professional. Yes, your instrument is in the hands of people who are used to carrying heavy loads. But this does not mean that they are able to handle your property delicately. And trucks for the transportation of pianos should be special. Not everyone has such a transport in the company.

How to carry the piano properly?

The conclusion is clear: you need professionals! Choose professional piano movers dc that have the necessary equipment, appropriate transport and qualified professionals. All this is available in "Virginia Movers".

Contact us, and you get a sound approach to the transport of a musical instrument and the maximum accuracy. Your piano will be properly prepared for the journey, carefully loaded in a special transport, fixed securely, and safely delivered to the new address.

How to carry the LCD TV

Modern LCD television is a new, unexplored and for many citizens mysterious device. Someone superstitiously afraid to touch the screen so as not to burst the crystals. And the transportation of LCD TVs provokes different questions. They are safely delivered from the stores in a box that gives confidence. And what should you do when moving a house? What should you do with the screen, how to pack it, how to carry?

The best variant is to save the box and pack the equipment, as it was originally packed. If there is no possibility to do this, then you can try to create a multi-layered defense with the the air bubble tape, foam and a cardboard box.

When you operate, hold the bottom of the TV firmly, and if necessary call the assistants – large models are particularly vulnerable, it is better to carry them together with somebody.

In any case, do not press on the screen and the frame around it.

In the car, do not put down the TV matrix.

Place the TV so that the front and rear panels are placed across the direction of the motion.

LCD is equally sensitive to low temperatures. If you are moving in winter, do not keep the TV set in a cold or heated car for too long.

We know all the peculiarities of moving, so ordering your removal with us, you get rid of numerous problems associated with the moving.

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