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Piano movers in Bristol

Piano movers in Bristol

Our daily life is sometimes so unpredictable, that sooner or later it presents us with surprises associated with the necessity to move. If you have a piano, which is the property of your ancestors, then to transport it you just need the help of professionals. Transportation of pianos is quite a difficult task. It is characterized by four main features that appear when it is necessary to transport them.

The most important point is that the piano is a complex and massive construction and in its assembled form it is quite difficult to load it. But the disassembly of the piano should be done only by professionals, who know what they are doing. The main difficulty lies in the fact that because of the intricate design of the piano, it is in any case should not be fully dismantled, because otherwise it is simply cannot be assembled. Only specially hired loaders, who know the subtleties in its setup, can carry it competently.

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To carry the piano, as we have already found out, it must first be dismantled. But do not do this to the smallest details, because the manufacturer did not suppose you would do this. Furthermore, when transferring large parts, there is a risk of scratches on its surface or on the floor surface. If you use the services of the company “Virginia Movers”, this task will be performed only by professional loaders with special equipment. For example, a wheelbarrow on rubberized wheels can significantly facilitate the transportation of the instrument.

Piano transportation is a difficult and time-consuming process that requires good physical fitness, endurance and years of practice. Our experts in the field of piano movers Bristol will load your piano accurately and quickly.

As you know, the piano is always varnished, so when carrying large and small parts of it, you need to pack it into a bubble tape to prevent scratches and minor damage. The price of packaging materials is quite low, so you do not need a lot of money on their purchase, but the benefits of packing are obvious. Also, most companies usually include packaging of your belongings, including musical instruments, in their services.

The bubble tape will protect the varnished surface of the instrument from the problems that may be associated with inattention or inexperience of loaders, as well as the poor quality of the road surface and weather conditions.

The sequence of piano transportation:

  • First of all, you contact our managers by phone and tell the brand of your piano, your address, how and where you will need to carry it, whether there is a freight elevator in the house;
  • After all the nuances are clarified, the exact date and time of transportation is appointed;
  • On the day of your moving the car and loaders will be at the pre-specified address; they will load the cargo and transport it to the place of destination;
  • After unloading of your belongings at the specified place, our loaders will rearrange everything and take away all the packaging materials.

“Virginia Movers” – the best piano movers Bristol

These features are always taken into account and provided by our company “Virginia Movers”. The cost of our work is acceptable, so contacting us, you can make a cheap and high quality transport of almost any items. In addition to professional workers, we also provide you with specially equipped trucks, such as: special belts for a more robust and secure position of the load in the car. Selection of the vehicle is made depending on the size of your piano. Therefore, if professionalism is important for you, contact us and we will do everything at the highest level.

What are the advantages that you can get when working with us? Here are just few of them:

  • Your peace and rest during the transport;
  • Our professional approach to your moving, which is based on years of experience in this field;
  • Rapid execution of work, thus saving your precious time;
  • Punctuality, courtesy of our workers;
  • Adequate prices.

We will be happy to cooperate with you!

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