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Office Movers in Manassas

Sooner or later there comes a time when companies need to change the occupied premises. The reasons for such moving are different: some businesses are expanded, others are looking for a more comfortable working environment and improve their image, and others move to their own office, fourth, due to financial difficulties, look for a more economical option.

But in any of the cases this job is for professional office movers Manassas.

A huge responsibility rests on the move coordinators. After all, it is necessary not only to develop a clear and competent relocation plan, but to fulfil it without any obstacles to the production process. At first glance, the problem is not an easy task, especially when you face it for the first time. But if you approach the matter in detail and without fuss, the process of moving can take place quickly and without any loss. And you can even find out that it has some positive aspects, for example, you can get rid of unnecessary things that were kept for years and take up too much space in the office. And you can reach this if you ask for professional assistance of special moving companies, like “Virginia Movers”.

“Virginia Movers” provides services for businesses and individuals associated with the relocation and reconfiguration of offices and organizations.

Moving supplies in Manassas

Are you planning to move to a new office? Then call the company “Virginia Movers” and we will arrange your move quickly and responsibly. We will provide you with all the necessary moving supplies Manassas. This means:

  • delivery of packaging materials to the office;
  • packing of all belongings and furniture (and, if necessary, dismantle of them);
  • transportation of your property in specially equipped vans;
  • placement of the furniture in accordance with the wishes of the customer;
  • wastes’ disposal (used packaging materials).

Office move is a complex process, each step of which should be thought out in advance, as with office moving the deadline factor is very important. Before the start of a comprehensive relocation, we need to make a schedule of our future work. Through this approach to moving the risk of any loss of the customers is passed on to our company, as we are responsible for this under the contract. The highlight of the office moving is a thorough organization of inventory of the items to be loaded and transported.

“Virginia Movers” among office movers Manassas

During your office moving we will perform all the work that will be required for your move and comfortable accommodation in a new office.

“Virginia Movers” will prepare your office for the move:

  • Develop a plan for you to move your office;
  • Provide you with full instructions on the move;
  • Provide you with packaging boxes of employees’ personal belongings;
  • Provide labels for labeling boxes and furniture;
  • Pack your equipment, flowers and other things that require special attention;
  • Dismantle and pack the furniture;

“Virginia Movers” will carefully transport your belongings to a new office:

  • Carefully load your things in our transport;
  • Carry all your belongings to the new address;
  • Unload and place your furniture in accordance with the plan of your new office arrangement;
  • Unpack and assemble the furniture;
  • Unpack and place the equipment;
  • Complete the move comfortably;
  • Remove all our packaging materials and packaging waste.

Additional service from office movers Manassas

In addition to the standard range of services included in office moving, we can mount shelves, lamps; hang the curtains and curtain rods. At your request, we can hang pictures, posters, and whiteboards in your new office. At the request of your employees we can carry out further permutation of tables in a new office.

As an additional service we perform transportation of safes, as well as storage of the property.

The guarantee of our responsibility for the client’s property is a contract that specifies the terms of the order and the total cost of services.

If you want to move into a new office with pleasure, do it with “Virginia Movers”!

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